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Workday HCM- top optional features in WD2021R2


WD2021R2 included 762 setup-required features, or optional features, for your organization to consider. Clearly, there is a lot in Workday's most recent release for HRIS and financial management teams to review, regression test and decide to deploy or not, (if optional), which is why our experts are giving you their recommendations below on their top 10 optional features in Workday HCM they feel Workday customers should consider.

Please note that you will only have access to the Workday Community links if you are a Workday customer.

  1. Gender by Country: With 493 brainstorm votes, this feature enables Workday customers to create and maintain genders by country. It also gives Workday customers the ability to inactivate genders and to select gender values from other countries in specific cases. Note that Workday allows for limited or full adoption for this feature, so you’ll want to select which works best for your company. 

  2. Form I-9 for Remote Hires: A largely anticipated feature in WD2021R2 with 478 brainstorm votes on Community, this feature enables customers now to designate an external authorized representative to complete Section 2 on Form I-9. Workday also delivers a new Remote Form I-9 Authorized Representative Notification type on the HCM tab in the Notification Delivery Settings section on the Edit Tenant Setup – Notifications task. You can use the new notification type to have Workday email designated external authorized representatives the external site link to complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 for remote hire.

  3. Personal Information Help Text: With 269 brainstorm votes, this feature enables you to configure help text by country on all sections and fields in the Change Personal Information business process, making it more likely that workers enter their self-identification information. This provides a transparent user experience and helps your organization meet regulatory obligations. It also assists with analysis of workforce data to meet diversity goals by increasing the chances that your workforce will accurately fill out their personal information.

  4. Correct Supervisory Organization on Hire: This feature had 863 brainstorm votes and enables your organization to automatically reassign Inbox items awaiting action after correcting the supervisory organization on the Hire business process. This reduces the manual effort around the Hire business process for HR administrations and HRIS teams, since they no longer have to manually reassign the inbox items. 

  5. Absence Thresholds: With Absence Thresholds you can limit the total number of employees that can be out on any given day, or the total number of absence hours allowed on a day. You can also decide if you want a warning or a critical error for the employee when they are entering their absence request. Finally, with 290 brainstorm votes, this feature allows Workday customers to specify the quantity per day and can even have overrides for specific days in the date range, providing increased flexibility around absence tracking.

  6. Leaves of Absence in Compensation Reviews: This feature gives Workday Administrators the ability place awards on hold when an employee is on leave at the end of cycle. Workday makes it easier to manage employees who go on or return from a leave of absence during a compensation review process. Customers can now use participation rules and the event coordination framework for leave of absence events. Customers can also now place awards on hold and update the effective dates for employees who are on leave while they are finalizing a compensation review.

  7. External Career Site Search Experience and Job Details: With the External Career Site Search Experience and Job Details, Workday has made several enhancements that customers have been asking for. This feature has over 850 brainstorm votes that led to several new pieces of functionality including new page layout, new Side Bar Configuration, a new Split View feature and the ability to have different sub brands within job postings.

  8. Workday Docs: Another exciting feature within Recruiting is Workday Docs, which is part of a Workday customer’s HCM subscription. With 850+ brainstorm votes, this feature means that customers no longer have to use BIRT for Offer Letters and Employee Agreements. Instead, customers can easily create and edit templates, insert data fields, and apply condition rules. Workday customers can also include tables, images, additional formatting, built-in headers and footers, and preview as they build.

  9. Preferred Language and Locale settings for external learning users: With WD2021R2, Workday enables learning and extended enterprise administrators to set the preferred language and locale for external learning users. This enhances the user experience for the external learning users.

  10. One Time Payment Clawback: With 429 brainstorm votes, this feature enables customers to track recovery dates on one-time payments. It delivers a new ‘Clawback’ category and Clawback Schedule that can be added to One Time Payment Plans and Profiles. This allows the initiator to review/edit the Clawback date when initiating One Time Payment events that are eligible for Clawback.  Workday also delivers a custom report, One-Time Payments Eligible for Clawback, and new report fields that can be used to track one-time payments that might need to be recovered based on the Clawback date of each payment and the worker’s termination date.

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