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Workday Hackathon: Alight's top ten team


The first annual Workday DevCon launched into the digital stratosphere July 21, 2021. It was a big-time virtual victory for many organizations looking to enhance their Workday experience. But the success story doesn’t stop there. The Alight development team was a huge hit at the Workday Hackathon a few days later, placing in the top 10.

DevCon was designed to give Workday customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and possibilities of Workday Extend. And it gave bright minds a chance to collaborate with other Workday partners. Developers, builders, and IT professionals got connected to the insights and innovations they needed to help them accelerate their digital transformations. By extending their Workday experience, participants gained the skills to build and deploy apps that make businesses run better. Read more about Workday DevCon.

The Alight team took part in the sponsored session, Optimize Apps the Right Way: App Analytics. This session was all about the ways Workday improved app analytics to help developers manage their application and debug any issues.

Alight apps in action

The Hackathon happened July 23-25. This competitive showdown gave teams of developers from across the industry the chance to build their own apps and test the functionality of their newly created solutions. The three teams of Alight app pros demonstrated a few new innovatively interactive approaches to some common Workday functions. And the rest is top-10 history.

Check out the visionary brilliance of the Alight team’s Workday Hackathon apps:

Gamification of Workday

This fun and engaging app provides incentives (points) to workers for logging in and interacting with Workday. The concept: When a user fills out daily surveys, submits timesheets on time, or completes other Workday tasks, they earn points redeemable for rewards. The app also gives managers and administrators a real-time window into the engagement levels of their workforce. That’s what we call a “win-win.”

Email and Manager Feedback

This interactive functionality allows workers to forward email feedback to an address that then places it into Workday, giving managers a screen to provide mass feedback to their teams. Communication breakdowns — solved!

eCommerce Store

With this handy app, customers can buy goods directly from Workday through the Customer Portal, connecting directly into Workday Inventory and the Customer Invoice process. It’s a seamless ecommerce experience built on exceptional efficiency.

Alight’s extensive Workday Extend experience

The Hackathon gave the incredible thinkers behind the many powerful tools and solutions a chance to shine. And it provided a closer look at the strength of the Workday and Alight partnership. With 23 certified consultants around the globe, 20+ Workday Extend apps developed, and 16,000 Workday Extend development hours, Alight provides our clients with technology and support they can trust to get the job done. From Payroll and Financial Management to Talent and Compensation, we build the apps you need to make Workday work for your organization. 

Ready to take your Workday experience to the next level? Download our product sheet below to view our Workday Extend pre-built and custom solutions. 

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