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The era of the employee
is here.

Provide actionable changes that will deliver security and wellbeing to your company’s greatest asset – its people.

Welcome to the Employee Economy

Where your employees are treated like your customers.

The days of just working a job are gone. Employees want choices and a chance to thrive. They expect a personalized experience with benefits that matter and a financial future they can feel good about. And they’ll keep looking until they find it.

It's time work worked for everyone.
Welcome to the Employee Economy.

Employee-first is company-centric.

Your people are your real bottom line. Invest in their potential and watch them take your company to the next level.

Enter this new era with confidence.

70% of Fortune 100 companies trust Alight’s expertise and knowledge to transform their employee experience. We’re building the Employee Economy, together. Come build it with us.

Transform your human capital

Understanding your employee needs is key to helping them, and your organization, thrive.

Transform your tech

Data, analytics and workforce solutions should empower employees to new levels of confidence.