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A guide for Workday reorganizations

Let’s face it—reorganization of the supervisory organization hierarchy can be complex and require extensive analysis and data gathering prior to initiating the events. It’s important that your HR partners and business leaders are engaged in order to ensure a comprehensive list of all updates needed are included. 

Data gathering and analysis

This phase should help you answer the following questions for supervisory organizations or workers:

For supervisory organizations

Are new supervisory organizations required (i.e. a new team is being created, likely for a worker that has not been a manager before)?

  • If so, you’ll need to obtain the following information that is required:
  • Details (i.e. availability date, name, code, visibility, primary location)
  • Staffing model
  • Role assignments (i.e. manager, owner, hierarchy owner)
  • Organization assignments (allowed and default)

Are there updates required for existing supervisory organizations?
Some examples include:

  • Assigning a new superior organization (if hierarchy structure is changing and the organization will be reporting to a different manager’s manager)
  • Assigning a new manager role (if the team remains the same but a new worker will be managing them)
  • If any of the other details about the organization are changing (i.e. name, primary location, organization assignments)

Should any existing organizations be inactivated (if the organization is no longer needed, has no active members, open positions or has any staffing actions in progress)?  

For workers:

Which workers are changing positions?

  • For those that are changing positions:
  • Will new positions need creating?
  • Will the position details of existing positions need updating?
  • Will any positions need closing?

Which workers will be moving to a new manager/supervisory, organization?
If the worker is a manager, will his or her supervisory organization also be moving to the new superior?
What other job data needs updating (i.e. job profile, work location, scheduled weekly hours, compensation)?
Are organization assignments being updated (i.e. business unit, company, cost center, custom organizations, region)?

And finally, what is the effective date of the reorganization?

Download the full guide below, or contact Alight to talk to sales.

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