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Streamlining Workday payroll processes with Alight’s Managed Services

For payroll teams, where complexity can hinder efficiency, Alight's managed services for Workday Payroll offer a targeted solution to enhance accuracy and streamline processes.

The payroll challenge: Navigating complexity with Alight's expertise

Payroll is a critical function, and with the constant flux of taxes, regulations, and deductions, getting it right is imperative. Alight recognizes the intricacies and challenges payroll leaders face in maintaining accuracy while adhering to compliance. 

Unified, expert, and efficient solutions tailored to you

Alight's managed services for Workday Payroll present a focused approach to address these challenges. By unifying HR, payroll, and time management within a single platform, Alight ensures a seamless integration that enhances overall efficiency. The key lies in the expertise provided by a dedicated team of over 4,700 payroll professionals who act as an extension of your team, minimizing manual efforts and reducing the risk of errors.

Essential components:

1. Precision in your payroll
Our dedicated team of payroll and tax experts seamlessly takes charge through your Workday tenant, ensuring timely and accurate pay while significantly reducing administrative overhead. By processing payroll on your behalf, Alight seamlessly integrates with your existing system, providing a streamlined solution that aligns with your organization's payroll needs.

2. Compliance assurance
The complexity of regulations demands proactive measures. Alight's comprehensive audits and payroll experts actively monitor and address changes, ensuring compliance and reducing the likelihood of errors that could lead to litigation or compliance issues.

3. Scalability for business growth
Recognizing the need for scalability, Alight ensures that payroll operations can evolve seamlessly with your company's growth strategy. This adaptability enables organizations to manage payroll efficiently without compromising accuracy, even during periods of expansion.

 4. Prioritizing employee financial wellbeing
Beyond the technical aspects, Alight's commitment extends to supporting the financial wellbeing of employees. By delivering accurate, timely, and compliant pay, Alight ensures that employees can manage their finances confidently without unnecessary delays.

 5. Time liberation for strategic initiatives
Access to a dedicated team of payroll professionals allows your internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by manual tasks. Alight's experts serve as a support system, allowing your team to allocate time to activities that add significant value to the organization.

Alight and Workday: a seamless integration

Alight's collaboration with Workday Payroll offers organizations a unified system that keeps HR, payroll, and time in sync. With Workday's leading U.S. Payroll capabilities and Alight's expertise, organizations can leverage a connected and reliable solution that ensures accurate, timely, and compliant payroll processing.

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