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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Case Studies: Powering employee engagement with benefits decision support

With the relationship between work and life closer than ever, employers are innovating to create benefits experiences that drive their wellbeing strategies and meet the individual needs of employees. 

Below are some examples of how companies are elevating the employee experience and powering confident decisions.

Guided experiences for higher engagement

US Foods, one of America's leading food distributors, was looking for an improved and integrated way to provide benefits information to employees. With Alight’s guided experience tool, they:

  • Provide associates with basic enrollment and benefits education.

  • Leverage Alight Worklife® data to tailor content specific to employee groups.
  • Incorporate a DecisionDirect™ tool to provide employees medical, dental and vision recommendations.

So far, the results have been quite impressive, with…


Employees have viewed the Guided Experience


Average session duration


Employees used the Help Me Choose quiz for a benefit recommendation


Completed the Help Me Choose quiz

The final product was a grand slam! Our associates loved Chef Sage and the new experience. One of the highest engagements and the least amount of noise we ever had for an Annual Enrollment

Senior Director
Health & Welfare, US Foods

A superior benefits website for superior employee experiences

A technology company wanted a superior global website to elevate the benefits experience for their employees. They desired better navigation and organization of key information to fully promote the vast suite of benefits and program offerings.

Key objectives:

  • Interactions are simple, intuitive and straightforward

  • Key audiences have what they need to make good decisions

  • The experience is distinctive and meaningful

  • Key audiences trust the information and expertise received

Alight created a global website to address the needs of employees, new hires, family members and candidates from around the world. The content has been curated with an overall focus on wellbeing and moments that matter and is fully equipped with content editing capabilities.

In just over six months, the analytics reflect the following:


Total number of sessions


Average time spent on the site


Total users


Total page views

A tailored and all-inclusive experience

A telecommunications company wanted to help participants understand benefit options while also providing an integrated approach that addressed their specific situation. Alight crafted a simple, all-inclusive experience tailored to the participant’s needs. The all-inclusive experience started with a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Contracting (MAPD) landing page created in Alight Worklife. The page served up links to a Guided Experience (Educate), a custom compare tool (Consider) and a DecisionDirect™ (Decide) to help retirees make the best decision.

The integrated approach was a resounding success, with…


MAPD page views during Annual Enrollment


MAPD Guided Experience views during Annual Enrollment


Unique visitors to MAPD page during Annual Enrollment


MAPD Compare tool (Consider) sessions during Annual Enrollment

Employees say it best

"I thought getting comparisons of multiple options was pretty easy."

"I like the tool that helps you decide which medical plan is right for you."

"Excellent interactive tool. Two thumbs up!"

The right coverage at the right price point

A transportation company was concerned that many of their employees were over-insured in their medical plan. They wanted an intuitive tool to help employees get the coverage they need at the right price point. They turned to Alight to help create a personalized plan recommendation that makes a clear connection between cost and need, pointing out when an employee’s preferences align with a lower-cost plan.

The Medical Plan Evaluator estimates out-of-pocket and total medical costs based on the employee’s actual prior usage (or national averages, if not available). Then, a proprietary algorithm weighs the cost against how the employee says they like to pay for and consume health care services.

The plan evaluator tool was extremely effective, with…


Quiz completion


Average time spent on site


Users with a tendency to over insure who were suggested a lower-cost plan


Site engagement

Educate, engage and drive better outcomes with our decision support solutions

Decision Support

Help users make smarter decisions than improve outcomes


Help employees choose the right plans and programs


Capture attention via email and text to educate and engage

Communication Websites

Provide a centralized education resource to improve understanding


Increase engagement with interactive and traditional video solutions

Custom Digital Solutions

Inform and engage employees for your specific priorities and programs

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