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International Logistics Organization Streamlines Workday Open Enrollment with Alight Solutions

About Client

  • International logistics
  • Workforce: 17,000 employees globally
  • Headquarters: Michigan, US

An international warehousing and logistics management company faced growing challenges with the maintenance of their annual open enrollment process. As their workforce expanded and grew more diverse, it became increasingly difficult to manage the comprehensive benefits package offered across various benefit groups, companies and unions. The organization was already using Workday HCM and opted to deploy Workday Benefits for an integrated approach to their employee benefits. By partnering with Alight, the client deployed a solution that streamlined the open enrollment process, ensured accuracy, provided employee support and ensured compliance with plan eligibility and regulations.

Key takeaways

  • Benefits decision support solutions provide employees with personalized assistance throughout open enrollment processes.
  • Personalized customer care support delivers an enhanced employee experience and ensures compliance with plan eligibility and regulations.
  • Alight's expertise and dedicated approach to a modernized benefits framework transforms open enrollment into a seamless and successful experience for employers and their employees. 

With the current spotlight on the convergence of health and wealth as a key driver of engagement, Alight's customer care team played a vital role in supporting our client’s employees through the new enrollment process.

Closing the gaps around open enrollment

Alight was selected to help facilitate and improve the open enrollment process for our large, international logistics client by deploying Workday Benefits and providing benefits administration support to the organization's 17,000 employees.  

Alight's Benefit Operations team collaborated closely with the client and AMS consultants to ensure that the HR system, Workday, was up-to-date and accessible for all eligible employees. The Alight team integrated Workday with existing vendor solutions to ensure a more seamless benefit enrollment experience and improved efficiencies. 

Additionally, Alight's Benefit Operations team provided reports to the client, offering improved visibility into total enrollment by benefit plan and dependent enrollee accuracy. 

Employee support made simple

With the current spotlight on the convergence of health and wealth as a key driver of engagement, Alight's customer care team played a vital role in supporting our client’s employees through the new enrollment process. Alight’s team provided comprehensive information on enrollment, plan eligibility, plan comparisons and dependent eligibility. Any queries or issues raised by employees were promptly handled by Alight's Benefit Operations team, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for all, and allowing the client time to focus on core-business responsibilities. 

Reaping the benefits of improved open enrollment

By partnering with Alight for open enrollment management, our client achieved the following benefits:

  1. Efficiency and Time Management: With Alight taking the lead on open enrollment, our client's HR team was freed up to focus on other critical HR and benefits tasks. This efficient delegation allowed them to optimize their time and resources, ensuring no vital responsibilities were overlooked.
  2. Improved Employee Experience: Alight's customer care support provided personalized assistance to employees, answering their questions, and guiding them through the enrollment process. This level of support enhanced the overall employee experience, ensuring employees felt informed and supported during this important decision-making period.

Compliance Assurance: Alight's expertise in benefits administration ensured that only eligible employees were offered the appropriate benefit plans. Alight’s team also facilitated compliance with plan-specific requirements, such as evidence of insurability and cross-plan rules. This meticulous attention to detail helped our client maintain compliance with relevant regulations and avoid any potential issues.

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