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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Optima Group chooses Alight Solutions for implementation of SAP SuccessFactors

Optima Group, a Facility Management service provider, recently announced that it has chosen Alight to implement SAP SuccessFactors for its human capital management processes. Optima recognizes people as being one of the key pillars of its value proposition, which is in line with Alight's vision as well. Optima is committed to digital transformation, which will help the company better understand, appreciate and provide the best response to the needs of their employees. 

We have chosen Alight Solutions because they share our culture of innovation that focuses on people and so we can address our three main challenges together: (1) Attract and inspire people of all ages (2) Create a culture of well-being and sustainability and (3) Create a sense of belonging and address the priorities associated with diversity, inclusion, health, decent work, economic growth and gender equality. We firmly believe that Alight Solutions can help us improve our Human Capital Management processes

Lourdes Moncunill, Director of Corporate Development

Ignasi Casamada Bragulat, CEO & Co-Founder of Optima, further added "Our partnership with both SAP and Alight Solutions will help us develop our more human vision of Facilities Management, which focuses on frontline teams and puts them at the heart of our value proposition. In other words, decisions will not only be based on data, but will encourage teams to go beyond, enabling them to operate in a more autonomous way. As we become more versed in how data drives decision-making, we will see new ways of working evolve."


 "We would like to thank Optima for choosing us. We are very excited to start working on such an important project together. We trust that the implementation of this technology will allow Optima to address the needs of its employees in a more personalized manner, motivating them to boost their performance in an increasingly digital environment" cited Juan López, Director of Alight Solutions for Spain and Portugal.

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