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Customer success story: Clariant

Following a series of mergers, the Clariant group, a global leader in specialty chemicals, needed a better way to facilitate reporting, enhance transparency and improve the employee experience across their companies around the world.

About Clariant

  • Industry: Specialty chemicals
  • Founded: 1995
  • Headquarters: Muttenz, Switzerland
  • Employees: Nearly 18,000 on five continents

The challenge

Clariant has several companies in France, each with their own set of business features and needs. Five different sites and five different HR and payroll systems meant not enough consistency or transparency. To improve the sharing of timely and accurate information, Clariant needed a common database. That’s where Alight came in.

Harmonizing HR

Clariant made the strategic decision to partner with Alight to implement the SAP time management, HR development and payroll management modules. Alight’s team of specialists developed and validated each step of the project and identified opportunities for harmonizing the various modules of each location.

Utilizing their SAP expertise and project methodology, Alight provided the expert solutions Clairant needed to connect insights between systems, improve reporting capabilities and enhance HR productivity on a global level. No more silos resulted in next-level transformation for an entire organization. 

Why Alight?

There’s a list of reasons Clariant chose Alight to help transform the way their organization works. Trust and specialized expertise were at the top of that list.

Alight is: 

  • Recognized for its international HR expertise
  • Recognized for its SAP HR specialization
  • Recommended by the publisher SAP
  • A trusted partner focused on building thriving relationships 

“We have built a relationship of trust with Alight, with whom we have worked for more than seven years. Throughout all the different projects that we have carried out together, we have been able to count on the HR expertise and the understanding of our needs offered by the Alight experts.”

Christine Laval
Vice HR Manager, Clariant

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