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Integrated Resorts Organization: Using Workday to Support Future Global Growth

About Client

  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Founded: 1989
  • Employees: 500 (Corporate employees only)

Our client, a leading global developer and operator of integrated resorts, was challenged to transform and streamline their HR system for corporate operations after a divestiture in 2022. The heightened need for processes that supported global growth, coupled with the launch of new digital initiatives, meant that our client needed a system quickly that would automate HR workflows while maintaining accuracy and reliability. By partnering with Alight, our client was able to deploy their own central HR platform within Workday in less than 18 weeks and establish a solid foundation to grow from on a global scale.

Key Takeaways

  • The Workday solution consolidates and simplifies HR processes
  • A single application for administration, payroll and benefits delivers unprecedented visibility, transactional simplicity and the ability to connect HR data across functions for organizations seeking global growth
  • Employee information housed in a single system makes it easy to plan and prepare for changes in human capital
  • Cloud-configuration of HR systems allow for increased scope and flexibility post-deployment

Building an HR process for future global growth

After undergoing a divestiture in 2022, our client required their own HR system for corporate operations, as well as more consolidated processes for future global growth. Without time to assimilate an internal group for governance, and under the strain of new reinvestment priorities, our client turned to Alight to help transition their legacy HR systems (ADP, Concur and SAP) to their own central platform within Workday.

Deployment help made easy

In addition to time constraints, our client’s transition to one fully integrated HR platform was challenged by the launch of new enterprise-wide digital initiatives. These initiatives not only increased the scope of new system deployment, but also the complexity. By utilizing Alight’s Point of View (POV) configuration, however, best-practices were applied to the client’s deployment of Workday, ensuring a simplified deployment, seamless transition and a solid foundation to grow from.   


To provide our client with the confidence that Workday would run as intended after go-live, thorough tests were done on behalf of our expert team as part of Alight’s POV. After successfully creating, testing and implementing all critical integrations, our client went live with Workday on January 1, 2022 after an impressive 5-month deployment. Not only was their team able to simplify their business processes, but they were able to effectively separate operations from their previously held organization and establish themselves as their own company.

Ongoing Support

The organization knew that go-live was only the start of their journey and having access to a team of Workday experts as well as a trusted advisor post-deployment would be crucial to the success with Workday in the future. To leverage further Workday expertise, they continued their partnership with Alight for Workday Optimization, Customer Care, Workday Release Management, and Managed Payroll services.

Their team is looking forward to approaching their first Workday release with the support of a partner, saving them time while also ensuring more of Workday’s innovation is adopted by the company. By reducing the manual processes that the HR team needs to complete, they have been able to focus on critical business initiatives, including setting up a more organized HR Service Center.


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Start the transformation

As one of the most experienced Workday partners in the world, Alight works with clients of all sizes and industries across all regions to help them realize the full power and potential of Workday. We have the tools to ensure a smooth Workday deployment and once live, our cloud optimization, payroll and HR services will help you stay at the top of your game.

If you’re ready to put Workday’s end-to-end professional services to work for you, visit Alight's Workday page and request a demo today.

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