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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Case Study: LendingTree

About LendingTree

  • Founded: 1997
  • Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
  • 1,000 employees across the US

After introducing new healthcare plan options to its employees, LendingTree, the largest online lending marketplace in the U.S., sought a solution to help employees navigate their benefits plans, find higher-quality, lower-cost providers and create a better overall employee experience.

The problem

LendingTree relied on its internal HR department to handle the entire organization’s benefits and HR concerns. While this approach was cost-effective, their team needed additional support to effectively provide HR and benefits support to employees, particularly when it came to their healthcare benefits. As LendingTree evaluated its benefits programs, it recognized the need to educate employees on making smarter decisions and move away from tools that were ineffective in providing direction and support to guide those decisions.

Guiding employees in the right direction

In 2015, LendingTree partnered with Alight’s Healthcare Navigation Solution to help employees maximize benefits, improve outcomes and lower overall health plan costs. Accessible via phone, email, web or mobile app, their Alight Health Pro®, Shana, acts as an employee’s personal healthcare concierge, providing high-touch, white-glove assistant with virtually all aspects of the healthcare experience, including:

  • High-quality, cost-effective doctor and care recommendations
  • Verification of coverage
  • Cost estimates
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prescription reviews
  • Bill reviews
  • Medical record transfers
  • Coordination of care

As employees began to get used to the new navigation solution and resources, LendingTree started to see the Alight support team as an extension of their own. Their designated Health Pro®, in combination with Alight’s Healthcare Navigation, gave them access to a comprehensive solution that provided resources that mattered to them — like answers to medical, dental and vision questions — and not just medical benefits support.

Results worth sharing

In 2015, utilization rates were lower than anticipated, so LendingTree’s HR team focused on referring employees to their Health Pro® when they received questions regarding their health benefits. Steadily, LendingTree saw a significant improvement in their utilization rates. To date, LendingTree employees have interacted with their Alight team over 630 times regarding a number of benefits topics, from finding doctors to reviewing bills. Employees receive expert advice and recommendations from their on-call Health Pro®, increasing their engagement, improving their quality of care and saving them valuable time. Additionally, having access to a Health Pro® for their benefits needs provided measurable cost savings for employees when it came to their overall healthcare expenses.

How LendingTree employees use Alight's Healthcare Navigation Solution

The number one way LendingTree participants use Alight is to get to the right provider from the start. When people “walk through the wrong provider’s door,” there is a snowball effect that costs the participant and LendingTree unnecessary expenses.


Net Promoter Score


Utilization* YTD


Utilization* all-time


All-time Solutions** per YTD user

* Utilization = Total solutions/Total eligible employees
** Solution is defined as any care recommendation such as a doctor recommendation or cost estimate

By integrating with other vendors, such as our onsite clinic, mental health providers and wellness platform, Alight is able to offer a comprehensive experience with a white-glove concierge feel. They truly act as an extension of our existing internal organization. The navigation services provided by Alight have led to a healthier and more informed employee population while reducing costs for our entire organization.

Benefits Manager

You guys took something really complicated and made it really easy for me to understand. I got assurance that I was making the right choice in choosing my benefits package at my new job, and you work fast!


We have seen the Alight relationship evolve into an integrated part of our benefits offering. Their team created trust and value with LendingTree employees, and therefore we trusted them to engage more employees. With Alight’s outstanding service we have grown our navigation utilization from 6% to 24% in a couple of years.

Lockton Companies
Director of Client Management

Super fast, super easy. Doctor I visited was fantastic as advertised! Would recommend this service to anyone!!


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