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MasterTax - Payroll growth and Compliance

Driving payroll growth and compliance with MasterTax

Alight is a leading provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions, including global payroll services. With so many different types of clients and payroll systems, it needed a partner to help integrate the different payroll platforms and provide accurate tax filing services that maintained accuracy, efficiency and compliance across various locations and client bases.

When Eric Adamson, director of client operations at Alight, joined the team in 2007, they were already utilizing MasterTax, a payroll tax management software, to help provide tax filing services to a client base in both U.S. and Canadian territories. Partnering with MasterTax was beneficial for Alight in many ways, particularly by providing a flexible, white glove service to different clients while supporting growth without major hiring requirements.

Below are details of this beneficial partnership story as Eric shares his experience using MasterTax and how it has been valuable to Alight and its client base.

A clear choice with MasterTax

Within Alight, one of the primary services offered to clients with payroll is tax filing. Tax filing is a shared service and acts as a perfect example of what a shared-service team can contribute to a company that uses it. With such a diverse client base, the Alight team had to manage a variety of payroll systems and software; it was not uncommon for each client to do things slightly differently or to have different system requirements. To alleviate this obstacle, Alight partnered with MasterTax to deliver on these needs. MasterTax was able to integrate systems easily with its software configurability, and through this flexibility, Alight was able to easily support the various types of needs from all of their clients.

The importance of compliance

An organization that delivers on a global scale, Alight has a variety of clients that are involved in acquisitions, divestitures and reorganizations. In the payroll tax-filing space, any of these undertakings can be very tricky. If handled incorrectly, it can result in lasting issues that take years to rectify, proving very costly to the client and/or the provider. With MasterTax and Alight’s seamless processes, it allowed Alight to successfully support these initiatives and help avoid those costly obstacles.

As any organization knows, when it comes to compliance, there is no room for error. Government agencies expect to see correct returns regardless of how the client approaches business strategy or what payroll platform they are using. Alight relies on MasterTax and trusts their team to ensure compliance within all U.S. territories and Canadian taxing jurisdictions, for both payment methods and filings. With the efficiencies MasterTax delivers to Alight’s business, they’ve been able to bring in more and more clients while providing exceptional quality and accuracy.

Helping to drive growth and operational efficiencies

As with any company, a primary initiative is growth. But if that focus is not managed correctly, it could result in unexpected issues and be counterproductive to what is trying to be achieved. Year after year, Alight continues to grow its business significantly. In support of that growth, Alight has been able to avoid hiring additional staff because MasterTax allows them to leverage existing resources that help support expansion in a very efficient way. It’s not uncommon for businesses to experience issues or a drop in the quality of their service with such rapid growth, but with MasterTax, Alight has yet to encounter any of that.

In the payroll space, whether consulting and advising, we say that we’ll go where the client needs or wants to be. For instance, when a client is considering what software they want to use for their payroll — Workday, SAP, Oracle Fusion to name a few — MasterTax supports all of these platforms.

Client testimonial

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we continue to do our due diligence and keep ourselves familiar with the different tools and resources in the industry. We clearly know the value that MasterTax brings to us as a provider and to our clients to help them get to where they want to go as a business and achieve their goals.

Client testimonial

About MasterTax

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, MasterTax is a developer of payroll tax management software that is designed for employers, third-party providers and PEOs to help them schedule, remit payments, balance and file multi-jurisdictional payroll taxes.

The suite of MasterTax Software products provides a fully integrated, customized solution for clients who are looking to quickly, easily and accurately process payroll taxes. Our software can help clients of all sizes, including small employers, large multi-national corporations, PEOs, and small and large service providers eliminate penalties and interest, maximize efficiencies, and regain control of payroll tax filing. And with our industry-leading client support, you are never more than a phone call or email away from a subject matter expert.

Since its introduction in 1997, MasterTax Software has been one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive payroll tax software systems in the industry. Our software is continually enhanced and upgraded to help ensure the highest standards of quality and compliance.

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