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Realizing the value of your Workday investment

Your journey to the Cloud may have a unique set of business objectives but one thing is certain, realizing the full value of your Workday investment is critical to your business case. Alight’s Value Optimization Services work with you to sure you are overcoming the obstacles that may be preventing you from fully optimizing your Workday tenant.

Whether you need assistance with best practices for improving the end user experience, increasing Workday feature adoption, streamlining business processes for operational effectives, or all of the above, Alight’s Value Optimization Services provide you a unique and unparalleled view combining our technical and operational expertise along with data driven insights to provide recommendations to increase the optimization of your Workday tenant and ensure full value realization.

Alight Value Optimization Services

Intended to enable a user-friendly and operationally sustainable Workday technology solution—access to our future-minded operational and technical experts enables you to maximize your investment in Workday.

  • Diagnostics—Advisory services provide a foundation to diagnose the key drivers of dissatisfaction and inefficiency in the system
  • Workday tenant assessments—compliment the diagnostic framework by deep diving into your Workday tenant for targeted domain area and business process optimization. Benchmark against our POV for functional areas such as security, business processes, integrations, and reporting
  • Roadmap execution—Alight Workday experts can be leveraged to execute on recommended changes to realize value optimization outcomes

Why a value optimization review?

  • Identify pain points and opportunities to improve the end user experience reducing noise and general confusion with Workday
  • Uncover systemic issues that are holding back usability and self-sufficiency
  • Simplify over engineered processes
  • Reduce data integrity issues
  • Identify opportunities to leverage Workday functionality to the fullest extent
  • Use metrics to identify areas of concerns
  • Ensure current configuration adheres to Workday industry best practice and most current features and functionality are enabled
  • Recommend next steps to increase user adoption and achieve value realization in Workday

Solution overview

Phase 1: Examine

  • Conduct interviews with key business users looking at your Workday journey. Here we focus on your goals, challenges and concerns

Phase 2: Diagnose

  • Health check on tenant (settings, org, security, key BPs, audits)
  • Compare benchmark analytics to tenant data analytics (cycle times, BP steps, custom reports, etc.)
  • Use the ‘symptoms’ extracted through interviews to find the root cause within your tenant

Phase 3: Prescribe

  • In depth report—Alight recommendations for Improvement Opportunities and Roadmap of Features to uptake
  • Conduct findings workshop

Optional Phase 4: Optimize

  • Complete detailed optimization plan including estimates, prioritization and timeline to complete based on client approved recommendations to complete
  • Execute on approved recommendations

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