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Repsol: The road to simplify an existing payroll system by standardizing and improving Workday integration

Standardization powers Repsol’s payroll and HR systems

  • Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
  • Founded: 1987
  • Industry: Energy
  • Employees: 25,000
  • Presence: 30+ countries

Repsol, a Spanish energy company, is a global operation with 25,000 employees across more than 30 countries. At the time of its first conversation with Alight, its existing payroll systems were no longer agile enough to support a growing and increasingly complex pay and rewards structure.

The challenge

In 10 countries, Repsol’s payroll was performed on a 20-year-old SAP system. Ahead of its time at its installation, the SAP system was increasingly limited in the scope and functionality required to support a modern, international business.

As a result, the payroll process was complex to manage. There was no standardization across the company, and it lacked the flexibility to factor in the specific reporting, regulatory and legal requirements specific to each country. Manual intervention was often required, and it was incredibly time consuming to pull together management information reports.


Accuracy and timeliness in payroll calculations, social security and legal reporting in the last 5 years


Decrease in payroll costs in 8 years

over 80%

Client satisfacion score since 2014

from 12k to 250

Wage types thanks to process optimization

Partnering with Alight

Alight’s first step was to undertake complete system diagnosis. This audit provided Repsol with an accurate overview of its current set up, including potential limitations, risks and costs of potential failures. All of this was matched against potential solutions.

From there, Alight worked with the Repsol team to define a payroll solution that would best service Repsol now and long into the future. It was decided that a cloud HCM system would provide vital standardized and global processes. Not only would this be more efficient to run, but it would also integrate with the current HCM system, further removing the potential for human error and creating a single source of workforce data.

Working together, Repsol and Alight created a guide with over 30 initiatives for improvement. This would simplify Repsol’s existing payroll system by standardizing it and improving the integration with the existing HCM, Workday.

"The experience was very positive. If I must pick one thing, it is the benefit of working with an expert multidisciplinary team."

“The good results are due to teamwork. Each person is an expert in his/her field, but when combining each input, it added great value.”

If I had to do it again, I would have a construction phase. So as the system was being analyzed and the optimal model being defined, the next step would be to build it. This avoids casting aside valuable proposals, before we could build them.

Carolina Calvo
Global Payroll Administration Manager at Repsol

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