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Roadmap: Application Management Services considerations after Workday go-live

After Workday go-live

Workday’s live. Now what? Change doesn’t stop once your Workday deployment is over. A well thought out application management plan is critical to navigating Workday post go-live.

Application Management Services can take many forms. Those in charge of developing the organizational platform strategy should consider the following questions when thinking about engaging in AMS: 

  • Do I have a strategy and capacity to consume the semi-annual Workday updates?

  • Am I able to provide the needed platform services to my people efficiently and effectively?

  • Do I have the right skilled, technical resources to meet my organization’s changing needs?

When analyzing 10 of the organizations we perform application management services for today, collectively serving 150,000 employees, we found the following insights that highlighted the importance of an effective AMS strategy: 

  • Over 50% of our case volumes were specifically related to process rescinds or data corrections.

  • Top data corrections were for new hires and job changes.

  • 25% of process rescinds were for organization and position edits.

Organizations that aren't prepared for these changes find themselves facing downstream impacts to their payroll and benefits transactions, which can be time consuming and costly to fix. With Alight's Application Management Services, your organization can proactively mitigate issues within your Workday tenant, realize your full investment potential throughout the lifetime of your Workday subscription and increase organizational efficiency. 

Want to learn more? Download our AMS roadmap below for more details on how we can partner with your organization to help it thrive throughout your Workday journey. 

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