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Unlocking the Potential of Workday Extend: Empowering Your Organization's Unique Needs

Building applications with your unique needs in mind using Workday Extend

At Alight, we are committed to making Workday work for you and your organization. That’s why we are using Workday Extend (formerly known as Workday Cloud Platform) to design, build, deploy and share applications that run on and integrate with your Workday system.

In this article, we will explore how our Workday team leverages Workday Extend to enhance the user experience. We'll also delve into the fundamental functionality of Workday Extend and provide you with actionable steps to harness its power within your organization.

Unleash the full power of Workday Extend with the help from Alight

Alight Workday Extend Apps - Customized with you in mind

At Alight, we harness the capabilities of Workday Extend to develop applications specifically designed to address your organization's unique requirements. Here are just a few examples of the apps we've built:

  1. Project-based performance: Drive employee feedback and performance assessment events around projects for more timely performance input and more comprehensive project assessments.

  2. Charitable Campaigns: Create and manage charitable campaigns, define awards and incentives, tie to payroll deductions

  3. Contingent Worker Management: Gives managers a streamlined experience for adding or maintaining their contingent workers.

  4. Request Positions and Job Requisitions: Allows manager an easy way to request positions and job requisitions allowing them to specify an existing position, job requisition or worker as a template

  5. IT Onboarding: IT onboarding form presented to manager to facilitate help desk ticket creation for request for laptop, software, badge, etc.  Notifications and reports to ensure workers have what they need to succeed on their first day of work.

  6. Buy and Sell Time Off: Gives workers a self-service dashboard where they can choose to purchase or sell back their time off.

  7. Admin Assistant Alignments: Facilitate management of administrative assistant alignments and make these relationships visible to the organization.

  8. Resumes and CVs: Allow employees to dynamically update their resume based on their project assignment history.

  9. Multi-jurisdiction Taxation: Allow employees to enter multiple work locations for appropriate taxation.

  10. Reorganization: Manage processes from pool identification through talent assessment, disposition identification, legal review, cost impact, and activity resolution.

  11. Customer Collector Interactions: Track and manage collection interactions for delinquent invoice payments at customer, invoice and collector level.

  12. Grievance Tracking: Allow workers to enter grievances directly into Workday.  Manage evaluation workflow and resolution

  13. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Self Identification: Collect more detailed worker diversity information such as disability or military details.  Consolidate data entry forms to simplify collection from employees and drive success on data collection campaigns.

  14. Spot Hiring: Simplify and speed pre-hire/hire processes for on-premise, just-in-time hiring.

  15. COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Tracking: Submit proof of vaccination, proof of COVID-19 testing, upload Worker documents, route for visibility/approval including a Dashboard and reports for analytics.

How can my organization build apps with Workday Extend?

Workday Extend offers different tools for different user skill levels and application configuration complexity, allowing your organization to leverage the right functionality to meet your needs. The table below shows the different audiences these tools are targeted for.

Building Block

Workday Administrator

Professional Developer


Community & Developer Site

Developer Site

Data Storage

Custom object

Custom objects, application business objects


Presentation Services

Presentation Services & Canvas


Custom business process

Custom business process & Studio


Conditional rules

Function service

Lifecycle / Deployment

Push to deploy

Apphub / Workday pipeline

Workday Extend functionality for application creation

Below are all the different use cases for Workday Extend, as well as who in your organization is best suited to use the different functionalities and how it impacts your workers’ Workday experience.

Building Block


Target User

End User Experience

Presentation Services

Build your own custom pages leveraging the same adaptable UI components which make Workday's Canvas Design System great. Learn more


Organizational task-specific pages that cater to your unique business needs without straying from the uniformity of Workday's UI design.

Business Logic

Create validations on forms, Workday API's for retrieving native Workday Data, custom business processes and external endpoints that allow you to integrate data from outside of Workday.

Administrator / Developer (depending on complexity)

Mitigate human error and pull in data specific to application tasks in Workday in a way that flows with your organization's processes.

Custom Business Process

You can use create custom business processes for workflows specific to the needs of your organization and for which Workday doesn't provide delivered business processes.


Utilize custom business processes to consolidate tasks previously handled outside of Workday all into one system, enhancing ease of use.

Outbound Webhooks

A webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback and enable you to notify external systems when certain events happen in Workday.


Increases organizational visibility and accountability around business process and notification events.

Data Storage

Business Objects will enable fully standalone objects where you can define related business objects.

Administrator / Developer

Store data related to your custom applications in Workday Custom Objects for greater reporting abilities.

Custom Objects

Customized Workday business objects that house captured data outside of the Workday delivered business objects.


Customize the UI and add custom validations versus the generic UI and validations given today for custom objects to better fit your organizational flow and data capturing.

Business Objects (coming soon)

Created independently of Workday-delivered business objects and securable with new domains defined at the time of creation.


Enhance your organization's ability to report on and drill into the details of meaningful data.

Connect Services

Customizable messaging templates that enable leaders to quickly get the word out about important initiatives and influence colleagues towards action.


House your organization's primary communication system in Workday for more efficient and targeted reach.

Is Workday Extend available to all Workday customers?

As of May 2020, Workday customers can purchase Workday Extend and all its features as an extra SKU in addition to delivered Workday modules. 

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