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What is Workday VIBE Central

Today’s workforce is one of the most diverse in our nation’s history. Diversity, inclusion and belonging are no longer a nice-to-have capability or an effort focused on providing required EEOC metrics, but a core requirement for today’s top candidates as evidenced by a recent study that reported 67 percent of job seekers use diversity as an important factor when considering companies and job offers.

Workday’s VIBE (Value, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity) Central at its core is a set of dashboards and reports that can be used to drive your Diversity and Inclusion strategy. The reports bring essential workforce diversity data to the forefront, setting you up to act through policy changes, Workday configuration, or a combination of both. Examples of Workday functionality to drive D&I include the Find Workers Report, Candidate Masking, Talent Marketplace, Campaigns, Surveys, Recruiting Feedback, Learning Dashboard and PEX. The reports are housed in Customer Central and come together in Workday’s VIBE Central dashboard in the tenant.

Alight’s approach to Workday’s VIBE Central

Understanding that the standard dashboard rarely meets all of the unique needs of our customers and based on industry research, Alight has augmented Workday’s VIBE offering with a custom offering that includes additional POV reports and data analysis that informs our dashboard recommendations for your system’s VIBE Central.

Client Readiness

We first conduct a readiness assessment to learn more about the following:

  1. Clients diversity strategy including the diversity dimensions the client is tracking
  2. Existing Reporting, tools and data sources
  3. Established targets that need to be measured
  4. Frequency of reporting, best practice is to report on diversity twice annually
  5. Data Sources

Informed Dashboard Design

We understand that not all businesses are on the same path and using every single feature available with Workday VIBE Central, which is why we work with your team to turn on what functionality you need now and help you create a roadmap for future-state. We also use data analysis to drive your dashboard design using both packaged, standard and POV reports. While we recommend priority reports for dashboard design, all reports are made available to your business.

Output Review

Once we have finalized our recommendations for your business, our data read-out/dashboard review includes a summary of key observations, recommendations and a proposed road map to deploy Workday VIBE Central. From there, many of our customers decide to engage our advisory services to help build D&I strategy, programming and goals.
Want to learn more abut Workday VIBE Central and see a demo? Watch our Alight Quick Takes episode on the functionality here

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