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Workday Application Management Services (AMS) made simple

Every organization has unique ongoing Workday application management support needs and operations. However, not every organization has access to resources that are both Workday certified and future minded.

Alight’s approach to Workday AMS gives you access to experienced resources based on your need and timing. You might need assistance with stabilizing your ongoing HR and financial management support, delivering on a project, or taking full advantage of Workday’s capabilities.

We provide Workday configuration and integration support to over 300 Workday customers (that’s more than 10% of the active Workday ecosystem). Our clients also benefit because we service over 60 ongoing Workday HR operations and as well as deploying our HR Point of View (POV) for many of them.

Post-deployment Workday AMS solutions

Whether you have short-term or ongoing application management needs, Alight’s team gives you experienced resources for continuous evolution. Our Workday resources can be rolled on and off when you need them to help. Additionally, they are Workday-certified in both functional configuration and technical integration. Get assistance with day to day HR and financial management support items, new functionality rollouts and even larger projects. Services can be provided on an individual project or ongoing basis and include any combination of the following:

  • Business process optimization—we can help you adapt your existing Workday business processes to reflect changes in your organization as well as best practices.
  • Integration development and support—we can help you modify existing or develop new integrations as business needs arise as well as monitor your integrations for operational efficiency in a post-production environment.
  • New feature enablement—haven’t kept up to date with optional features and functionality? We can help you roll out optional features and ensure you are maximizing your investment.
  • New functionality/module deployment—if you find yourself needing additional functionality that was not part of your original Workday implementation, such as performance management, absence, Prism or Expense, we can help you implement that functionality.
  • Configuration management—we can help you update existing Workday configurations based on changes in your business or new requirements.
  • Workday Release management—Workday releases two major updates per year with new mandatory and optional functionality. We take the time to understand your environment so we can identify the best way for you to take advantage of this new functionality within your business as well as ensure mandatory updates are properly regression tested.

We offer a variety of flexible support models that meet the needs of our application management.

  • Discretionary pool: Designed to meet ad-hoc requests with Workday expert resources. This service helps day to day production support tasks and inquiries via a discretionary pool of hours when to help handle peaks in workload or with handling the toughest of system modifications.
  • Aligned resources: Designed for customers who need more consistent, ongoing Workday support with resources aligned to your account to spike your HMS bench.
  • Enablement services: Designed to provide experts for a specific project at a specific time, we offer support for value added projects such as deployment of specific Workday functionality or acquisitions.
  • Fully managed AMS: Designed for customers looking for a partner to own day to day support of their Workday tenant and integrations while providing strategic oversight and governance.
  • Support Desk: Designed for support of urgent production issues, technical questions, and small-scope modifications (under 16 hours per request) such as new pay components, business process updates, or changes to existing reports and integrations.

Workday Application Management Solution Benefits

Our AMS solutions empower you to get the most out of your Workday asset. Benefits include:

  • Scalable services—buy only what you need based on your demand trigger and longer-term objectives
  • Enabling you to realize long-term ROI and value— optimizing the value from your Workday asset over the lifetime of the subscription
  • Mitigating quality and staff retention risks—enjoy access to skilled resource pools with multiple Workday client experiences
  • Managing annual costs—decrease risk with a predictable fee structure for outcome-based services that utilize global assets that are maintained and managed by Alight, with a strong background in Workday
  • Account Management and Oversight—provides a single point of contact responsible for end to end delivery, as well as ongoing governance and oversight to support future road mapping efforts

Assessing the AMS options

No matter what combination of Workday application management solutions will meet your needs, we have the solutions and support to help elevate your capabilities. By partnering with us, you will have access to a global network of 2,100+ Workday resources throughout North America, Europe, APAC and beyond—each with an ongoing role in operating and supporting Workday and dedicated to making sure you realize the full power and potential of Workday.

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