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Workday deployment acceleration: automate your testing

Accelerate your Workday deployment and reduce your total testing time by 80% with Alight’s Workday Automated Testing.

Did you know you can accelerate your Workday deployment and reduce your total testing time by 80% with Alight’s Workday Automated Testing tool powered by Cloudbera Genie? Shift the burden of testing off your team, so you can approach your go-live date with confidence that your system works as expected on day one.

What are the biggest hurdles to Workday deployment acceleration?

The biggest hurdle we see with our Workday deployment customers is needing help with test planning and test execution. A few of the main challenges include:

  • Inexperience and knowledge gaps with Workday leading to incomplete testing
  • Inadequate resources
  • Competing project activities that result in reduced hours available to test
  • Ensuring robust and thorough testing impacting the quality of the system

Failing to have a robust testing strategy and the right testing tools for your Workday deployment can lead to process and security breakdowns after your system is live. Discovering unexpected problems during the first few weeks of being live creates more work for your team during an already hectic time and decreases user adoption and confidence in your new technology.

Alight’s testing automation for Workday deployments

Alight’s Workday deployment acceleration technology allows for automated testing that mirrors the work of a tester for:

  • end to end business processes
  • security
  • integrations
  • reports

The difference is that this tool runs and manages the tests for you, freeing up your team and resources to focus on more strategic aspects of your Workday deployment project. With Alight’s testing automation technology, you can reduce your testing time by 50-70%, which can lead to a decrease in your overall project time or allow for hours to be dedicated to other project needs specific to your business requirements.

Realize immediate benefits

With our Workday testing best practices and automation at your fingertips, you can expect to see:

Approach your Workday go-live with confidence in your configuration

Because our testing scripts are written by Workday experts and have been validated by over 800 completed Workday deployments, you can be assured critical configuration testing is not missed and that your Workday system will work as expected on day one. Additionally, because our automation cuts down significantly on the time and resources needed to execute testing, your team can focus on more strategic initiatives, such as how you will communicate your new technology to end users, and preparing for post-go live activities.

Not an Alight customer for your Workday deployment?

No problem. We understand the impact a robust testing strategy can have on the success of your Workday deployment. Our testing services and tools are available to any Workday customer looking for assistance with their Workday deployment project or beyond, including for release management support. With Alight’s testing solution, you get

  • Scalable test management services to meet the specific needs of your project
  • Proven, standard, Workday Delivery Assurance approved tools and methodology
  • Guidance and support from Workday subject matter experts
  • A Workday partner with experience supporting large-scale, global deployments with unique needs.

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