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Workday release management support - finding the right partner

Workday feature releases are a great benefit, but it's important to find the right support partner to help navigate the new features and functionality. 

Many organizations fail to recognize the effort and planning that goes into properly managing and testing Workday's semi-annual feature releases to ensure they are getting the most out of their Workday investment.

Do you recall telling your stakeholders the continual investment Workday is making in their HR and Financial platform is a key selling point for a move to the Cloud? If so, Alight’s Workday Release Management Services are for you!

Why have Workday release management support?

  • Help with distilling the significant amount of information available for Workday feature releases including optional features
  • Focus properly focus on testing
  • Reduce capacity challenges during Workday release cycles
  • Access to Workday experts with proven release management methodology and tools
  • Ability to increase feature adoption and ensuring you’re maximizing your investment in Workday
  • Looking to answer the questions:
    • “Do I understand the mandatory features going in with this release?”
    • “Am I ensuring my Workday tenant is properly regression tested when new features are moved into production?”
    • “Am I taking advantage of all Workday has to offer?”
    • “Am I properly communicating the changes going into the Workday Releases?”

Workday feature releases – what can Alight do for you?

Alight provides the ability to fully support your semi-annual Release Updates. Having a strong partner with a tested release management process and defined best practices and tools can ensure you are getting the full value out of your Workday investment. Our semi-annual release management and testing solutions include:

Phase 1: Assess semi-annual release

  • Provide release overview
  • Determine changes to make related to mandatory features

Phase 2: Configure

  • Configure and migrate semi-annual mandatory release changes using our release management templates and best practices

Phase 3: Test

  • Testing support of mandatory configuration including impacted integrations
  • Automated business process regression testing using our baseline scenarios

Phase 4: Optional features

  • Configure, test and migrate optional features, based on client direction

Release Management Services will begin approximately 6 weeks prior to the Workday Preview with running Alight’s baseline test scripts in your Workday tenant. Alight offers two level of Release Management services spanning from end-to-end support or analysis and business process regression testing only depending on your individual needs.

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