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Workday Talent Marketplace: increase workforce mobility

Workday Talent Marketplace connects jobs and job seekers from within your organization.

Studies show that employees desire greater career mobility and they are looking for ways to grow and broaden their skills and experiences - often in non-linear ways. As the workforce increases in younger generations, it is increasingly important to look at ways to leverage alternative work arrangements and reorganize their ways of working to support agile team frameworks.

How can Workday Talent Marketplace help?

Workday’s Talent Marketplace is becoming generally available with Workday 2020R2 and was specifically designed for employees, empowering them to take an active role in their career development. Talent Marketplace enables you to:

  • Understand the skills and interests of each worker
  • Match business opportunities with the right talent at the right time
  • Provide real-time endorsements and feedback
  • Help workers see their future within the organization

Employees are empowered to “shop” for their own development opportunities through the Talent Marketplace. Powered via machine learning, Workday will surface suggested gigs based on the employee’s skills and interests to help connect the most relevant opportunities to the employee.

Use cases for Workday Talent Marketplace

  • Project Teams: Allows for project owners to manage short term gigs or opportunities by pulling together the best team to solve a business issue.
  • Stretch Assignments: Allows for gigs that are completed over 3-6 months that would be in tandem with the employee’s current position.
  • Critical Needs: Leverage gigs to fulfill urgent needs, such as marketing a critical need for employees to raise their hand to support. An example would be in the healthcare space, if they needed to urgently find talent with specific skills to meet increased demand in an area because of COVID.

Top questions to assess your readiness for Talent Marketplace


  1. Have you turned on the required features?

    • Innovation services agreement has been signed

    • Skills Cloud is enabled

  2. Is your workforce engaged?

    • Employees have populated their career profiles

    • Employees are receiving robust feedback

  3. Is your foundational data robust and meaningful?

    • Job catalog has clear and descriptive titles and job descriptions

    • Job Profiles have qualifications identified

    • Learning content has been mapped to skills

  4. Do you have organizational alignment on optimization?

    • Prepared for the culture shift to a more self-directed career experience

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