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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Workday virtual deployment since 2008

Our recent survey data showed that over 60% of employers globally have more than ¾ of their workforce currently working from home and 79% are considering working from home options for at least some of their employees.  Whilst this is a new concept for many employees and employers, technology has played a critical role in making this shift successful for organizations. Those who were early adopters of the digital transformation trend would have likely had a more seamless transition than those still using dated and inflexible technology, highlighting the need to have the right technology in place to support your evolving business needs.

At Alight, our Cloud team have been using a 75% virtual delivery model for Workday deployment and support for our clients for over 13 years. Remote working is a key part of Alight’s culture and it’s our default delivery model for our clients. Below are some highlights from our virtual working model:

  • Pioneered
    We were early adopters of virtual delivery and many of our Workday teams around the globe are home based; contributing to our high retention and employee engagement.
  • Cost efficiencies
    We have seen significant reductions in travel and associated expenses as well as being able to use resources in our overseas delivery centres.
  • Technology
    We have the latest tools and equipment to enable effective virtual workshops, meetings and delivery.
  • Risk reduction
    In times when onsite presence is limited or impossible, such as the current pandemic, we are still able to deliver and assist our clients with business as usual.
  • Proven track record​
    Hundreds of our clients have harnessed remote delivery for all or part of their deployment with the same excellent service for which we are renown.

Even during the current challenging times, our virtual delivery model has allowed us to continue with business as usual and has empowered our employees to continue to deliver the same excellent value to our customers. If you are considering a move to the cloud, contact us today to learn how our virtual delivery model enables a successful deployment during these unprecedented times.

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