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Alight Behavioral Health Guidance

Support for workforce mental health

We help you address the range of needs in your workforce

Clearing the path to care

1 in 5 people experience a mental health concern, yet 50% won’t get the help they need. Many don’t know how to access the right kind of care, and emotional barriers like stigma, shame, and fear keep them feeling stuck. Left untreated, outcomes worsen and presenteeism, absenteeism, and attrition result.

We make it easy to access the right care. Alight Behavioral Health Guidance breaks down the barriers, helps employees understand and identify the best options, and keeps them engaged.

Here’s the Challenge

We’re facing a mental health crisis

Rates of stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high, but employees aren’t getting the help they need and deserve.

Here’s how we solve it

Access and support

You need a partner that can remove the barriers to care, help your people make sense of the options, and take the first step. With Alight Behavioral Health Guidance, your employees find appropriate care and support, while you experience better engagement and lower costs.

A single, safe place for help

Participants can access services live or digitally. We offer them a completely confidential, nonjudgmental space to ask questions, be vulnerable, talk about their symptoms—and understand the options for help. 

A dedicated behavioral health team

Alight’s Behavioral Health Ally team is highly experienced in all conditions, including working with populations that have unique needs, like pediatrics, LGBTQ+, the elderly, and veterans. Every participant is matched with a registered nurse and has access to a range of clinicians: licensed mental health counselors, licensed social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatric advanced practice registered nurses, and psychiatrists. 

Better understanding of their options

Your people will be able to discuss their symptoms, health history, any previous diagnoses, and their goals. They'll receive screenings for anxiety and depression, as well as education on what treatment options, medications, and providers might make the most sense for their needs. We leverage the entire benefits ecosystem available to each participant, helping them navigate to the right programs at the right times as we work with them longitudinally. 

Enhanced services for severe or complex needs

The Behavioral Health Ally team is equipped to offer advanced support to participants and caregivers, when needed. This includes admissions support for inpatient residential treatment or rehabilitation, transitions in care settings, and deeper partner collaboration across the health plan, EAP, and other vendor partners. Alight can also help participants find community and state-based resources to close gaps and discuss educational accommodations for families. 

More of what’s possible with Behavioral Health Guidance

We have a proven track record of breaking down the emotional and structural barriers to accessing the right kind of care. We lower the threshold for participants to take that first step — past the confusion holding so many back — and to keep going, supporting workforce presenteeism and productivity.

Key features to support your population:

  • A dedicated behavioral health registered nurse (RN) by each participant’s side
  • Access to the multidisciplinary Alight Behavioral Health Ally team
  • Support and guidance for all behavioral health conditions
  • Intake and screening for anxiety, depression, and social determinants of health challenges
  • Education on symptoms, diagnoses, provider types, and treatment options
  • Provider and facility recommendations
  • Confirmation of appointment availability
  • Program referrals

Our results 

added or changed providers
changed treatments
improved quality of life

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