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Absence Management

Get proven, trusted absence management for Canada

Help your people take time to manage life's important moments

Provide clarity, set expectations

Concerned about absenteeism? A good absence management program can boost employee engagement and help retain valuable employees in situations that might otherwise drive resignation.

Our expert teams based in Canada support great experiences for your employees when they need to take a leave of absence from work. Our bilingual team members in Quebec make sure every Canadian can choose to work with us in either French or English.

Increase productivity, help employees thrive

Gain efficiency from automated absence tracking
Leverage the advanced capabilities of proprietary enterprise software
Get consultative support reducing costs
Enable self-service capabilities with a 24/7 employee portal

Explore the absences we manage

Short Term Disability

Help provide financial help for your employees in Canada when they’re unable to work for a brief period. Whether their absence is related to hospitalization, an accident or an illness that prevents them from attending work, you can provide the compensation your employees need to take time off from work without worry.

Workers' Compensation

Provide wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and support for your valued employees when they sustain a work-related injury or occupational disability. Not only do we manage this process for you efficiently and accurately, but we also help your people get back to work and back to what matters.


Serve as the support your workers need when they encounter an unusual life circumstance or other debilitating event. We manage several types of leaves for your Canadian employees, extending your reputation as a wellbeing-first employer.

Types of absences we help with

Balance legal obligations with employee wellbeing

  • Maternity and Paternity
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Reservist Leave
  • Personal Leave of Absence
  • Jury Leave
  • Compassionate Care
  • Family, Caregiver and Critical Illness
  • Sick Days

Ready to learn more about our leave management solutions and software?

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