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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Alight's ESG Pillars

We recognize that our ability to positively impact the wellbeing of our own colleagues, our clients’ employees, and our communities starts with us. Our ESG pillars reflect our ongoing commitment to our clients, communities and colleagues. How we operate our business, achieve our purpose to deliver innovative solutions that help workers and their families around the world improve their overall wellbeing, and how we support our colleagues.

Read about Alight's ESG pillars to learn more about our commitment to wellbeing, social innovation and sustainability.

Championing our people

At Alight, we recognize our ability to make a positive impact on our clients starts with our colleagues. We strive to foster an inclusive, progressive culture of wellbeing that enables our colleagues to have health in body, mind, wallet and life.

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Winning with Wellbeing: Choose a human-centric approach to benefits to improve the employee experience

We conducted research to try and understand how employees feel about their benefits today and explore new ways for employers to approach their benefits.

DEI principles improve the employee wellness journey: why understanding is the key to equity

Companies around the world are evaluating and evolving their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, putting DEI at the center of their human capital strategy.

Social determinants of health: What employers need to know

Employers need to be asking tough questions to understand the needs of their employee populations and the programs they have to address the social determinants of health.

Social innovation

Alight strives to enhance the employee experience with our human-centered approach. Our research provides objective and actionable insights for organizations seeking benefit and employee engagement strategies, that deliver improved employee and business outcome.

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The Era of the Employee is here

There is a paradigm shift happening in the employer-employee relationship. This offers opportunities for both employers and employees as traditional workforce models are becoming less relevant.

How can organizations build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

New insights on employees’ attitudes about corporate DE&I initiatives shows there is still work to be done.

The Employee Economy: What must shift to attract the best talent now?

Companies must expand their people strategy beyond human resources and seek coordinated input, buy-in and attention from the entire leadership team.

Responsible business practices

We believe operating with integrity, accountability and transparency is fundamental to our delivering long-term value to our colleagues, customers, shareholders and communities. Our Board and leadership team continually work to ensure that sustainable business practices are integrated within our global team culture and business operations.

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Data security for human capital

With identity fraud becoming a constant threat, safeguarding your retirement and other human capital accounts is more important than ever.

Safeguarding your online accounts: How to protect your hard work

You have the power to protect your savings, your identity, and your good reputation. And Alight has the expertise and tools to help.

Alight governance documents

Library of Alight’s charters, policies and governance guidelines