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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

View from the C-suite: A message from Stephan Scholl

By Stephan Scholl

As we close out a remarkable, yet challenging year and anticipate everything the new year will bring, Alight CEO Stephan Scholl shares his thoughts on the trends that defined 2023 and those that will shape 2024. He cites the growing number of employers prioritizing the employee experience, investing heavily in wellbeing and embracing integrated digital employee experience platforms, such as Alight Worklife®. The result is a happier, healthier, more engaged and productive workforce – along with better financial performance and a stronger, more resilient bottom line.

Stephan Scholl
Stephan Scholl
By Stephan Scholl

As CEO, Stephan Scholl is responsible for the strategy, growth and business performance of Alight, a leading provider of next-level human capital and business solutions. Over his more than 25-year career, Stephan has created a reputation as a transformational leader, passionate about customer success. He is focused on driving results, delivering value and improving business processes for global organizations by harnessing the full power of leading cloud-based solutions.

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