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AI in HR: Uncovering the challenges


AI in HR isn't just a trend, it's a revolution waiting to happen. Yet here we are, sitting on the fence. Many HR professionals are poised to jump into AI, but trepidation holds them back. Why? Because it's new, it's unknown and yes, it's a little scary.

Embracing AI — the future of AI is here

AI in HR is a field ripe with innovation but cautious in adoption. We recently polled Alight LinkedIn followers to learn more. About 45 percent of HR professionals are ready to embrace AI, intrigued by its promise to transform mundane tasks into strategic opportunities. However, hesitance lingers due to concerns over implementation and impacts:

of professionals polled admitted they were uncomfortable with AI automated decision support
said they were uncomfortable with AI personalized engagement
said they were uncomfortable with operations workflow automation
said they were uncomfortable with assistance engines like chatbots

Adopting AI also requires careful consideration of ethical implications and a deep understanding of its potential impact on workplace dynamics.

AI has the potential to revolutionize multiple facets of HR, including:

Recruiting and talent acquisition: AI can enhance recruiting efficiency by automating resume screening and identifying the best candidates based on predetermined criteria. This allows HR professionals to focus more on engaging with potential hires rather than sifting through vast amounts of data.

Talent management and development: AI-driven analytics can help in identifying skill gaps within an organization and suggesting tailored training programs for employees. It can also play a crucial role in succession planning by predicting career progression paths and preparing individuals for future roles.

Employee engagement: By analyzing data on employee behaviors and feedback, AI can help teams craft more effective engagement strategies and personalize the employee experience at scale.

Retention strategies: Predictive analytics powered by AI can alert managers about potential employee turnover, providing them an opportunity to intervene with retention strategies before it’s too late.

Our AI-driven HR solutions are designed to augment human capabilities, not replace them. We use AI to automate routine tasks, deliver personalized employee experiences and provide predictive insights that help HR professionals anticipate workforce trends and needs.

The insights from our research in our “Uncovering Challenges” series are the voices of an evolving workforce and a dynamic HR landscape. We are committed to listening, understanding and innovating to meet these challenges. We lead with solutions that not only answer today’s needs but also anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities. 

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