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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

AI in HR: Your employees. Our AI. The perfect duo for success.

How Alight’s AI technology transforms the HR employee experience and drives organizational impact

Despite a 20% increase in spending on employee benefit programs over the last three years, employees across generations, industries and geographies are consistently reporting elevated stress levels, burnout and a lack of motivation and engagement at work. This poses a significant issue for employers and their HR teams and emphasizes the need for a comprehensive solution that engages employees to help increase wellbeing and productivity—all while helping HR teams drive efficiency and achieve organizational goals.

Harnessing the power of AI for innovative HR solutions

One of the biggest investments Alight is making is the piloting of Generative AI-enhanced Search and Chat for Alight Worklife®. This new feature dramatically boosts the platform’s search and self-service chat capabilities, enabling it to better consume, understand and surface HR-related documentation, content and data no matter the source or format. Beyond receiving a personalized and comprehensive response to a question, Alight’s innovative approach introduces a dynamic, humanlike interaction to help elevate the way employees engage with search and chat functionalities.

In addition to new employee experience features, Alight’s new GenAI Policy Generation Tool enables employers to craft new portal and site content within seconds through a user-friendly, AI-driven language model. HR teams simply input an intent and context, click “Generate,” and a new policy is automatically composed within their secure Alight Worklife dashboard.

In parallel, Alight has formalized a comprehensive AI governance policy and program to promote and monitor the continued responsible use of AI.

Our Alight Worklife platform, turbocharged by AI, empowers employers to better understand their workforce and engage with them during moments that matter through personalized benefits management, leading to increased employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity—all powerful outcomes that lead to HR efficiency and organizational success.

Examples of our AI at work include chat and voice assistants that answer employee HR questions, automatic identification of employee “hotspots” through their digital experience on our platform and quality-control monitoring in our call centers.

Helping employers meet the needs of today’s workforce is what drive us to continuously invest in high-impact AI capabilities. We view the recent developments in generative AI as additional fuel to our business model to empower our clients and position them for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Overview of Alight's AI engines and capabilities

Alight has committed years of dedicated effort and substantial investments to advance our AI capabilities across pivotal HR domains. This comprehensive approach empowers us to deliver enhanced insights and drive impactful outcomes for your workforce through the following AI-powered engines:

Engagement Engines

Personalized content for the “next best action”

  • Content Personalization analyzes employee data to determine the most relevant content to guide employees towards specific programs or actions in moments that matter.
  • Predictive Healthcare Guidance utilizes predictive analytics to identify individuals who may be at high-risk for certain health conditions and would benefit from being proactively supplied with healthcare guidance and support.

Assistance Engines

Natural language/intent models to maximize HR digital engagement

  • Ask Lisa Virtual Assistant uses AI to understand and respond to queries, providing employees with quick and accurate information. Ask Lisa has an industry-leading 95% correct intent detection rate, and together with our other digital properties drives a 90% call diversion rate.
  • Call Routing Service enables callers to describe the reason for their call, giving them a self-serve option to answer certain queries or route their questions to the appropriate call center specialist.

Recommendation Engines

Decision support and choice optimization

  • Decision Recommendations assist employees in making cost-effective decisions regarding their care. Typically, employees who adopt the recommended plan save $500 per year in premium expenses.

Insights + Operations Engines

Data trend analysis for administrator analytics and intelligent automation to streamline workflows

  1. Intelligent Document Processing streamlines HR document processing tasks by reviewing documents submitted by employees and automatically approving or declining them based on predefined criteria—dropping the time it takes to give employees a decision from 15 minutes to near-instant.
  2. Fraud Activity Detection identifies potential fraudulent behavior and suspicious activities, allowing prompt action to mitigate risks and protect against fraudulent actions.
  3. AI-assisted Call Monitoring analyzes millions of calls per year for quality-control purposes and contributes to our 95% high-quality interaction rate between employees and call center agents.
  4. “Hot-Spot” Insights Engine automatically transcribes and categorizes calls to enable clients to optimize operations and drive down call volumes.

Driving Business Outcomes with AI-Powered Experiences

Alight applies AI across our offerings to help our clients optimize efficiency, decision-making and human capital management. For instance, Alight’s personalized content and recommendations have resulted in a 50% AI content engagement rate and a 10% increase in relevant program signups across our clients’ employee populations. Some specific ways our clients have used Alight’s AI to achieve measurable results include:

  • Our AI-driven personalized HR campaigns drove up high-deductible health plan enrollment by 7%, with over 24–31% HSA utilization expected over the next 18 months for a major wireless organization. This was a major improvement over the organization’s status quo.
  • Alight’s AI personalization engines prompted 35% of targeted employees at a retail drugstore giant to act and find a primary care physician (PCP), creating a projected $18M of verified claim savings for the employer.

Our assistance engines and call-center AI come together to support delivery of 90% of interactions being self-served digitally and 95% high-quality interactions when employees do reach our call center.

Your employees. Our AI. The perfect duo for success.

Alight is an experienced partner with a deep understanding of how AI can benefit both employees and employers. Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating the evolving landscape of AI by providing innovative solutions, guidance and support. We have established a flexible AI development process and a strong ethical framework to ensure that our solutions are trustworthy and responsible. By choosing Alight, our clients gain a forward-thinking ally committed to exploring, validating and implementing AI to enhance the future of work and improve the overall employee experience.

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