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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Uncovering challenges in your onboarding and leave management systems


Onboarding that disorients and leave policies that complicate? That’s the old guard — and it's out. Our polls highlight the need for a radical shift.

Overhauling onboarding and leave management

Onboarding new hires and managing leaves are pivotal HR functions that often determine an employee's long-term engagement and satisfaction. Our recent LinkedIn polls highlight a common frustration in our over 240,000 followers: 

of HR professionals find their current onboarding processes cumbersome and ineffective
find multiple systems and platforms the most difficult aspect of managing and tracking employee leave

believe it has a negative impact on the operations

Revitalizing onboarding 

Onboarding is an employee's first real immersion into the culture and operational ethos of their new employer. A clunky or disengaging onboarding experience can set a negative tone, affecting new employee integration and long-term perception of the company. 

Alight reimagines this crucial phase with an onboarding process that is both engaging and informative. Our tools ensure that all necessary onboarding procedures, from document submissions to initial training sessions, are streamlined and accessible.

Transforming leave management 

Similarly, leave management — a process often fraught with complexities related to compliance, employee rights and organizational policies — can be a significant pain point for both employees and HR departments. The right solution prioritizes transparency and ease of use, creating a user-friendly interface that allows employees to manage their leaves with confidence and simplicity. The integrated systems should offer robust tracking and management tools that ensure all leave requests are handled efficiently, adhering to all legal requirements and internal policies without burdening HR with excessive administrative tasks.

Alight reimagines both of these processes with technology and touch. Our onboarding solutions are designed to be engaging and informative, making lasting first impressions and setting the stage for successful tenure. For leave management, we provide streamlined, transparent systems that support both employees and employers, ensuring a balance between compliance, empathy and operational continuity.

Onboarding and leave management aren't just HR tasks — they're your first and lasting impressions. Let's make them count.

The insights from our research in our “Uncovering Challenges” series are the voices of an evolving workforce and a dynamic HR landscape. We are committed to listening, understanding and innovating to meet these challenges. We lead with solutions that not only answer today’s needs but also anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities.

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