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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Uncovering challenges in financial wellbeing


Forget what you thought you knew about employee financial wellness. The old ways aren't cutting it anymore. Our independent polling reveals a staggering number of professionals just like you are teetering on the brink of financial distress.

Our blog series “Uncovering Challenges” tells a story of the current HR landscape and its opportunity for transformation. We reveal pressing issues and share the ways Alight Solutions tackles them head-on.

Navigating the financial wellbeing labyrinth

Financial wellbeing stands as a pivotal, yet frequently overlooked pillar of employee satisfaction and overall workplace harmony. More than just the figures on a paycheck, financial wellbeing encapsulates the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the economic fluctuations life inevitably brings. It's a broad spectrum that encompasses day-to-day budget management, emergency preparedness, retirement security and the ability to cover unexpected health events.

From our insights, it's clear that financial wellbeing is a prime concern for the workforce. According to our poll, 37 percent of respondents identified day-to-day financial stability as their top financial priority. This was closely followed by the need for robust emergency funds and secure retirement options, each cited by 22 percent , and health-event coverage by 19 percent . The takeaways? People want financial security that goes beyond immediate earnings to long-term financial health and security.

The psychological impact of financial stress

Financial uncertainty can be a profound stressor, often overshadowing concerns about job security or workload intensity. The mental load of financial worries can stifle even the most talented employee’s ability to perform and engage fully at work.

Empowering employees through education and tools 

Alleviating financial stress requires more than generic advice — it demands a targeted, personalized approach to financial wellness. Tools designed for everything from basic budgeting and managing emergency savings, to comprehensive debt management and forward-looking retirement planning, can be offered to transform anxiety into preparedness.

A diverse approach for a diverse workforce

Understanding that no two financial journeys are the same is key. Solutions that respect the unique contexts and needs of each employee ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial literacy level or economic background, can benefit. Whether crafting a robust savings plan, navigating debt repayment complexities or planning for a secure retirement, personalized support is needed to meet individuals where they are in their financial journey.

Alight’s financial wellness programs are tailored not just to educate, but to empower. By providing tools for budgeting, emergency savings, debt management and retirement planning, we transform financial uncertainty into practical actions. Our solutions are as diverse as the workforce we serve, not one-size-fits-all, ensuring personal relevance and impact.

The insights from our research in our “Uncovering Challenges” series are the voices of an evolving workforce and a dynamic HR landscape. We are committed to listening, understanding and innovating to meet these challenges. We lead with solutions that not only answer today’s needs but also anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities. 

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