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Alight's Employee Wellbeing solutions

Support employee wellbeing in the moments that matter across mind, body, wallet and life.

In moments of opportunity

Maintain positive relationships and manage uncertainty

73% of employees report high or moderate levels of stress.

Give them a customized path to a healthier mind with steps to help them stay resilient, maintain positive relationships, and manage uncertainty.

Save for tomorrow and prepare for anything unexpected along the way

54% of employees say long-term financial planning stresses them out.

Help them build a budget that works, with unbiased financial advice and guidance based on their own personal stage of financial wellbeing.

In moments of acute need

Achieve and maintain a healthy quality of life while avoiding preventable disease

90% of national healthcare spending goes toward chronic disease management and mental healthcare.

Provide employees with a path to a healthier body with trusted guidance to help understand and choose health benefits, navigate care or a recent diagnosis, access an expert second opinion and make healthy decisions backed by clinical evidence.

In everyday moments

Live your purpose and have meaningful connections

Less than half of employees feel they can effectively balance work and life commitments.

Help your people live their best lives at work and at home.

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