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Alight Worklife® – Employee Financial Health

Are your people struggling to reach their financial goals? Alight Worklife offers a world of possibilities for their financial future. 

  • Tap into personalized recommendations to optimize savings. 
  • Discover powerful partnerships that open up emergency funds, debt payoff plans, and more. 
  • Bridge paycheck gaps with flexible earned wage access. 
  • Get tailored guidance from licensed advisors to help plan for the long-term. 

With innovative financial wellness solutions, proprietary algorithms, robust fintech collaborations, and financial planners, Alight Worklife empowers your employees to take control of their financial journey. 

Say yes to a brighter, more secure financial future for you and your people. Explore the suite of financial tools on the Alight Worklife platform designed to meet their unique needs and unlock their full potential today.

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