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Clinical navigation, a powerful health solution for your people

In our last clinical navigation whitepaper, we shared how timely patient-clinician engagement drives improved health and wellbeing. Now, we’re following up with new insights on how clinical navigation can personalize employee healthcare experiences and lead to smarter healthcare decisions that result in better care.

Engaging people in healthcare is a journey with many turns along the way. In their respective silos, agents in the healthcare space have been optimizing various aspects of this journey.


Personalized care for optimized patient outcomes

In the disease management space, the primary tools on the patient’s healthcare journey have been well-validated treatment plans targeting specific conditions. This is the best route for the average person with the average condition–but in the real world, there is no average person. No two people are the same. Therefore, care plan personalization is essential.

At Alight, we see the way forward as a blend of disease management and nurse navigation approaches that enhance their respective strengths. Our proprietary database and analytics engines derive deep knowledge of a patient’s health care profile, pattern of consumption and potential needs. This insight is delivered to the Alight Nurse Pro, who engages the patient. Once rapport is established, the best care plans, or disease management plans, can be actualized.

Our engagement model gives patients proactive care and advice before the healthcare journey begins, during the care episode and after a treatment plan has been established.

Real-world clinical navigation examples

Below are two recent examples of how our Nurse Pros proactively engaged people in their healthcare earlier in the process, leading to optimally deployed benefits and programs and higher quality care paths.

Care coordination reduces cost and avoids treatment-related complications: 41-year-old female diagnosed with a spinal tumor

Significant cost savings with 2nd opinion: 53-year-old male suffering from back pain

Patients get the navigation tools they need, when they need them

Combining an existing Health Pro® relationship with clinical Nurse Navigation gives patients the tools they need for an optimal healthcare experience before the initial journey begins. This engagement model specifically approaches healthcare with patients’ best interests in mind, focusing on critical elements to optimize the path to care.

The healthcare journey shouldn’t be daunting. For organizations with a healthcare navigation tool in place, or looking to get started with one, talk to your Alight contact to learn how we can support your clinical needs to provide a best-in-class experience for your people. For more information or questions on Alight’s approach to optimizing the healthcare journey, contact us today.

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