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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Toolkit - Resources for Benefits Professionals

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alight has developed the COVID-19 rapid response toolkit to provide employers around the world with resources to help navigate their benefits, payroll and broader workforce needs. This toolkit will be updated with new content frequently, so please check back regularly for the latest resources.

Communication resources

COVID-19: Top 10 people considerations

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, your response and communication strategy should too. We’ve put together ten data-driven principles to help guide your organization as you continue to navigate the workplace disruption caused by COVID-19.

COVID-19 rapid response checklist

Your employee communications strategy is integral in supporting the everyday needs of workers, especially in times of crisis. This rapid response checklist outlines seven key strategies to help you effectively communicate with your people around COVID-19.

Sample communications

Below are a few sample employee communications that your organization can leverage to help you bring some of our best practice recommendations to life.

Workday resources

Workday checklist for U.S. furlough during COVID-19

In this article, Alight provides you with a checklist to help ensure your Workday payroll, benefits, time tracking and absence configuration is set up correctly as you transition your furloughed workforce. Additionally, we share guidance for the future to help you smoothly transition your people back into their regular work shifts.

A guide for organisations implementing furlough leave in the UK in Workday

In this article we will cover what government provisions have been announced for UK employees placed on furlough leave, how companies are handling this and recommendations on configuration in Workday if your organisation has furloughed workers.

Workday Tenant: How organizations can prepare for time-off requests after COVID-19

Though a time when COVID-19 travel bans are lifted may seem far into the future, organizations utilizing Workday should begin preparing for an influx of time-off requests and workforce absences. Alight’s guide provides tips on the best way to handle post-COVID-19 time-off requests in your Workday tenant, as well as how to prepare for potential periods of increased absences. 

Using Workday Request Framework to monitor employee requests during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, many uncertainties lie ahead for employers and employees. We’ve outlined how Workday Request Framework can be used to track your employee requests, built into your business processes with a completely auditable trail.

Turning on Workday for mobile for your virtual employees

Most organizations around the world are asking employees to work from home, where possible, as a result of COVID-19 and for many people this may be uncharted territory. This guide outlines why we recommend you turn on Workday for mobile for your employees and provides configuration and security tips and tricks.

Workday checklist for COVID-19

Many organizations are adjusting their company procedures and policies to allow for remote working capabilities, extended leave and preparation around the anticipation of increased workforce absences.These recommendations will help ensure that you can react quickly to the ever-changing guidance, keep your employees up to date and provide the tools your people need within Workday.

Securing your Workday tenant

With the overwhelming need for your workforce to stay home, securing your Workday tenant while enabling their flexibility to access enterprise systems is one of the top priorities for your organization. Workday provides companies with the ability to define authentication rules specifying from where and how employees can access your Workday installation.

Custom Workday report – Assess the impact of COVID-19

Alight has developed a complimentary custom Workday report to help you assess the impacts COVID-19 has had on your employee population. Understanding these effects is critical to your ability to care for your employees and plan for business continuity.

Alight Partner Network resources

Below you’ll find a list of complimentary resources provided by members of the Alight Partner Network.


meQuilibrium has put together a series of resources to assist organizations in managing widespread uncertainty and anxiety with resilience.


Quizzify, which powers Alight Knowledge Builder, is offering complimentary COVID-19 quizzes for Alight clients. As with all of Quizzify’s health-related content, all quizzes have been reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School.

Services to support your organization

As your organization navigates the disruption caused by COVID-19, Alight and our partners are here to help. Below we’ve highlighted a few solutions that can assist you and your people through these challenging times.

Working parent support solution

With remote learning continuing into the fall and daycare spots in short supply, many employees are facing the challenge of balancing work with remote learning or childcare duties for the foreseeable future. Our working parent support solution makes it easy for organizations to identify the working parents in their population and assist them across their continuum of needs via program promotion, caregiver support and funding assistance.

Virtual benefits fair

As employers plan for annual enrollment in the context of COVID-19, many organizations are facing the challenge of how to stay connected with their people throughout the process while staying physically apart. Alight’s virtual benefits fair can help, providing an enhanced turnkey digital experience that serves as the central hub for employees to learn about their 2021 benefits and carrier options, connect with decision support tools or counselors and prepare to enroll.

Return to Work – Daily COVID-19 health assessment

As organizations begin the process of bringing their people back to physical workspaces, many are facing the challenging dilemma of how to re-open worksites while also keeping their workforce healthy. Alight’s Return to Work can help, with a daily health assessment that provides COVID-19 screening for all employees, every day.

Financial wellbeing solutions

Amid volatility and uncertainty on Wall Street, financial wellbeing has taken a hit and your people need help with planning and saving for the future. Alight Financial Health will offer your people a financial wellness educational portal that provides personalized resources, callouts and check list items along with direct access to live telephone support with Alight Financial Advisors. Alight Financial Path will enhance the Financial Health offering by also providing your people access to a detailed financial planning experience and daily financial wellbeing tools. Both solutions have been fully enhanced to reflect COVID-19 market activity with targeted communications and resources for participants.

Alight Well: COVID-19 Rapid Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause workplace and personal disruption, your workforce needs holistic wellbeing support now more than ever. Alight Well: COVID-19 Rapid Response will engage your people in staying well during this critical time by helping them stay connected, healthy and informed.

Alight Partner Network: Kashable and PTO Exchange

Our partners Kashable and PTO Exchange can help your people through the moments that matter. Kashable provides easy-to-access, low-cost loans to help your people cover expenses, pay off debt and preserve retirement savings. PTO Exchange allows employees to exchange unused PTO days for goods, services or cash to cover unexpected expenses, or to share unused PTO amongst co-workers.

Smart-Choice Accounts: Employee Care Card

The Employee Care Card helps employers provide pre- or post-tax financial support to employees to help address their immediate needs during this challenging time. Employers can determine how employees may use the card, whether it's for groceries, office supplies, education, childcare, healthcare, utilities or clothing as a result of COVID-19.

Application Management Services

Although there are continuous disruptions to the way organizations work, your cloud platform still requires regular maintenance to keep your platform running and delivering value for your business. Our Application Management Services (AMS) are designed to provide flexible solutions to meet your short and long-term needs, to keep your platform running seamlessly even when your team’s priorities have shifted.

Payroll administration

Getting your people paid on time, while also maintaining strict compliance remains a priority for all organizations even during the challenges of COVID-19. Add on the complexities of furloughed workers and regular legislative updates and your payroll team can be quickly overwhelmed.  Our payroll administration services are designed to take away the complexities and ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

We will continue to update this toolkit with additional content, so please check back regularly for the latest resources. As always, we are here to help you implement any changes that may impact your payroll, benefits or employee communications.

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