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Alight Cancer Guidance

Deep oncology expertise and personalized support for every diagnosis

There’s a place your employees and their families can go for trusted guidance on any type or stage of cancer they face.

Cancer changes everything

A cancer diagnosis is frightening and life-altering. Unfortunately, data shows that challenges in accessing quality cancer care are still prevalent, negatively affecting outcomes.

The physical, emotional, and financial toll cancer takes on your people and their families can be overwhelming. We give employees, families, and caregivers what they need to meet these unique challenges, no matter where they are in the journey.

Here’s the Challenge

Cancer care inequities are far too common

With novel treatments being released weekly, the cancer learning curve is simply too steep for many providers. Add in trying to navigate care, available treatment options, and claims, it’s nearly impossible without a team of experts.

Here’s how we solve it

Oncology guidance and support

You need a trusted partner that can identify and engage your people early on, connecting them to the nation’s deepest expertise and personalized support to positively impact their outcomes. With compassionate cancer guidance from a dedicated, multidisciplinary oncology team, you can help them navigate all aspects of cancer care.

Early identification and outreach

Alight's algorithm identifies individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Using an omni-channel, targeted approach, your people are engaged early and often to drive the best outcomes. 

A dedicated oncology team

Alight’s Medical Ally team has clinicians highly specialized in cancer guidance. The team includes pediatric oncology nurses, adult oncology nurses, hospice nurses, oncology nurse practitioners, oncology researchers, and oncologists. Each participant receives a dedicated nurse that will be their partner throughout the journey. They can provide personalized, evidence-based guidance and education, treatment decision support, clinical trial guidance, and emotional support to help your people make decisions about their care with confidence. 

Expert medical opinions

Through Alight’s award-winning platform, participants can consult with the nation’s leading oncologists that practice at National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Multidisciplinary opinions from two or more expert oncologists can also be facilitated for especially complex cases. To support health literacy and improve equity, Alight will translate written opinions into any language a participant or caregiver needs. 

Finding high quality providers

Using our proprietary provider and facility quality tool, SmartSelect|MD, we can help identify and guide participants to oncologists that specialize in their particular type of cancer and to centers of excellence (COEs) for treatment. SmartSelect|MD also has—all in one place—insurance coverage, estimated costs of visits or procedures, deep quality of care insights, and patient ratings. 

Leveraging the entire ecosystem

Each participant is operating in a complex ecosystem. Understanding and navigating that larger experience is critically relevant to their outcomes. Alight has the data and expertise to know when and where to connect them to the right programs. The level of support is customized to each participant, based on all available benefit options. 

More of what’s possible with Alight Cancer Guidance

From early engagement, to navigating all aspects of cancer care, we can support your people— no matter the type or stage of cancer. Alight’s Medical Ally team has over 20 years of experience in addressing the myriad of challenges related to cancer care. We provide the urgently needed, trusted guidance and personalized support to help positively impact outcomes and connect participants to the latest knowledge in their particular type of cancer.

Key benefits include:

  • Identification and engagement with newly diagnosed participants
  • Access to top cancer expertise with expert medical opinions
  • Unlimited personalized treatment decision support from a dedicated clinical team
  • Recommendations and guidance to top quality providers and facilities
  • Mitigation of financial toxicity with built-in bill reviews
  • Compassionate emotional support and coping resources
  • Connections to other benefits like EAPs and point solutions
  • Clinical trial guidance

Our results for cancer cases 

employee satisfaction
improved understanding of condition
improved quality of life

Our results for expert medical opinions 

receive corrected or changed treatment plan
receive corrected or change in diagnosis

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