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Cloud Advisory

Work with a partner who truly understands your business

We’ll help you with technology, strategy and change management throughout your cloud journey.

Let’s see where you’re at

In order for your organization to succeed in the future, it’s critical to update your technology and business processes now, which is why you might be looking to move your technology to the Cloud or considering a strategic partnership for your payroll and HR services. Either way, we know it can be difficult to decide where to start. 

Better inform your decisions with cloud advisory expertise and experience

Smart investments are the start of a bright future. That’s why you need cloud advisory services from a partner who can confidently and clearly guide you towards the best options and decisions along the way. 

We’ll start out by assessing the current state of your technology, then provide you with honest and transparent recommendations. Need help writing your business case for stakeholders? We can do that too. 

We get to know the heart and soul of your organization

Our cloud advisory team will come ready to learn everything there is to know about your organization, how it works, and what you need. 

Cloud advisory assessment

After looking at your existing technology, architecture, processes and pain points, our expert consultants will work with you to redefine the way you run your business and give recommendations on your technology path forward. 


We’ll use industry insights and data to benchmark your current performance so you can compare it with your future realization and always know just how much value your cloud investment brings. 

Strategic direction

Our cloud advisory services give you clarity and confidence that you have the right solution to truly transform your organization and your organization’s performance. 

Technology experts

Our certified partnerships with the leading technology providers combined with our experience deploying, optimizing and operating on behalf of our customers means you can be sure we’re giving you well rounded advice and guidance during your decision making process. 

Ongoing partnership

We’re in it for the long haul. We’ll continue our partnership with your teams to deploy, scale, optimize and operate your cloud solutions, no matter which technology you choose. 

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Moving your payroll, HCM and financial management platform to the cloud can be a transformational project, so it’s important to ensure your organization is ready to transition, has clear objectives, has evaluated the technology providers and that you have a plan of how you will manage the change with your workforce. Our cloud advisory experts are here to guide you through this process so you can be confident you are making the right decisions for your organization. 

You know your business inside out and we know the world of HCM, payroll and financial management inside out. Combining your knowledge of your often-complex business with our expertise of deploying, managing and operating cloud platforms for hundreds of organizations worldwide will bring you a comprehensive set of objectives, plan and business case to ensure you’re set for success. 

Moving your technology to the cloud is an investment for your organization with huge benefits and rewards, but if your workforce is not guided through the change, you’re unlikely to get the user adoption you had hoped with a significant impact on ROI. Having a clear change management strategy throughout the project will ensure a smooth transition for your workforce with enhanced end results. 

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