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Cloud Optimization

Continue your cloud journey with the support you need to succeed

Alight’s cloud optimization services help keep everything running smoothly so you can realize the true value of the Cloud.

Accelerate your ROI

You invested in cloud technology to get the accurate, real-time data necessary to make the best financial and human capital decisions for your business. But in order for that to happen, your platform must be proactively managed and optimized to ensure you keep up with the rapid pace of change.  

Your organization expects results from your platform, and our cloud optimization teams are here to make sure you get them by effectively managing your platform, processes and data while continuously adding value and looking for areas of optimization. 

Expertise that helps you excel

Our certified Enablement Managers and dedicated consultants specializing in post deployment support will work as an extension of your team to ensure the success of your technology.  

With a team solely focused on post-deployment solutions, your application will operate effectively and efficiently, and you’ll always have the support and expertise you need, when you need it.

Diminish risk, demand results

Your technology can do so much more than simply keep the lights on. We’re here to make sure you see ROI by helping you find areas of optimization, plan your future roadmap and mitigate risk.  

At the end of the day, you want to make smarter decisions that will grow your business, and a well optimized platform provides the data and insights to get you there. 

Get the most from your cloud investment

Support when you need it

Your teams have enough to do — leave the management and optimization of your cloud platform to us. Our solutions provide the level of support you need to drive strategic value from your platform. 

Minimize risk

More than anything, our proactive software and security support gives you peace of mind that your configuration and integrations are working seamlessly and won’t expose your business to unnecessary risk. 

Stay current

Cloud technology evolves rapidly, and it’s our job to help you keep up. Our consultants apply the knowledge of the latest functionality to your cloud environment to ensure your organization can grow in line with the pace of change. 

New feature enablement

When new features and functionality are introduced, our teams will lead a controlled deployment and make sure your people and processes are ready for the change. 

Reporting & analytics

We’ll help you get the most out of your reporting, analytics and dashboards so your stakeholders have real-time access to the data and insights they need, when they need it. 

Testing automation

Reduce your time and effort with our automated suite of testing tools and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your configuration works seamlessly. 

Our value bundles

Take a look at our value bundles to find the best approach for your business:

Support Desk

Receive day-to-day production support, along with insights, best practices, and analytics to drive business case realization. 


  • Urgent production support and technical questions
  • Minor platform enhancements
  • Discretionary pool of hours

Gain flexible access to expertise to help drive business initiatives, optimization efforts and ongoing enhancements for enhanced ROI. 


  • Discretionary pool of hours
  • Business initiative support
  • Business process, integration and reporting optimization
  • Strategic road mapping

Give your technology platform a health check to optimize performance, increase efficiency and streamlines processes for a more engaging user experience. 


  • Assessment, recommendations and roadmap to find greater platform usage
  • Domain expertise
  • Diagnostics and benchmarks
  • Discretionary hours pool

Get expert support integrating, updating, testing and managing mandatory and optional features included in bi-annual releases. 


  • Feature release impact analysis
  • Mandatory change configuration
  • Business process and integration regression testing
  • Optional feature enablement

Receive ongoing production and enhancement support with configuration and integration services to complement your support team. 


  • Urgent production support issues and technical questions
  • Enhancements to configuration, integrations, and reports
  • Strategic planning and road mapping
  • Release management and automated regression testing
  • Domain expert advisory support

Get fully managed support and data driven insights, along with strategic governance for enterprise technology transformation. 


  • End-to-end support of configuration and integrations
  • Release management and integration monitoring
  • Issue triage and troubleshooting
  • Strategic road mapping
  • Diagnostics and benchmarks
  • Domain expertise

Consider a stand-alone optimization solution

If a value bundle isn’t right for you, we can still help. Our cloud optimization solutions bring you the level of support and expertise you need when and where you need it. These solutions include: 

  • AMS support desk
  • Aligned resources
  • Integration monitoring
  • Module enablement
  • Business initiative support
  • Release management
  • Discretionary pool of hours
  • Tenant assessments

Customer story

Iress: transforming Workday functionality by leveraging Alight’s expertise

By partnering with Alight to leverage knowledge, expertise and guidance, Iress have now transformed how they use Workday

Case study: Utilities and energy company - rapid Workday support for rapid results

Learn how we partnered with this utilities and energy organization following their Workday deployment to help stabilize and deliver results.

Driving value for the Direct Line Group with a Workday tenant assessment

Already an Alight customer, in Jan 2020 the HR technology team at Direct Line Group decided to extend the partnership to include a tenant assessment of their Workday Recruiting platform to ensure that they were getting the most value out of their investment in the technology. The assessment sees Alight experts audit the solution, identify drivers of inefficiency and provide insight and recommendations to optimise.

Case study: Workday HCM optimization - automotive retail company

This automotive retail company sought assistance with Workday HCM optimization and stabilization after their deployment and immediately found a partner who could meet their needs.

Retail organization: improving the Workday experience with a tenant assessment

Our client is a global consumer pacakaged goods company headquartered in the US and with operations in more than 100 countries. Following their Workday deployment, this organization was not satisfied with the technology utilization or their Workday employee feedback survey results.

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Frequently asked questions

Often referred to as Application Management Services (AMS), cloud optimization involves managing, optimizing and maximizing the ROI from your HCM, financial management or payroll technology once you are live. 

Much of the value of cloud technology comes from the ability to provide continuous innovation and functionality enhancements to ensure the technology continues to meet your organizations needs today and in the future. But keeping up with these enhancements requires time, resources and expertise. That’s where Alight can help. We have large teams of experts trained, skilled and experienced in supporting cloud customers on their journey to enablement, optimization and enhanced ROI. 

Our value bundles were created to fine tune your cloud platform with tailored, integrated solutions designed to deliver transformative results. Our packaged offerings bring the best of our solutions together to increase value whilst decreasing costs. If the packages aren’t quite right for you, the offerings that we’re known and loved by our customers for are available with varying levels of support depending on your business need. 

Historically, with Application Management Services (AMS) there was an expectation that it was a static component of a delivery model to keep the lights on, fix any bugs in the systems and work the occasional upgrade. As leaders begin to realize the value and insights that cloud technology can bring to their organization, application management is demanding a more strategic approach to ensure you get the most value out of your platform. 

Absolutely. It’s essential that you have a well thought out strategy when it comes to consolidating or segregating your workforce and company data. A rushed M&A project can lead to lapses in data integrity, end user errors and issues with your reporting and analytic capabilities. We have teams of experts who have completed many mergers, acquisitions and divestitures right from strategy to execution who will partner with you through to success. 

As early as possible. It’s easy to get caught up in the details when planning for your deployment but a key part of your cloud technology business case needs to include how you will support your cloud platform after go-live. Consider how you will keep up with the software releases, support complex cases, manage integrations and whether you will have the time, resources and expertise to achieve the true ROI of your platform. Making the investment in cloud optimization is an investment into the future of your cloud technology. 

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