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Alight Employee Guidance

Employee Guidance

Empower your people to make better decisions

Help your workforce understand their enrollment options and make well-informed choices through benefits decision support.

Questions, answered

Without benefits guidance and support, the enrollment process can be confusing and frustrating for employees. Personalized guidance can help them become better educated and more engaged with their benefits options. 
That’s why we’ve designed our benefits guidance solutions so they’re easy to use and understand, helping your people feel confident in the choices they make for themselves and their families.

Alight  Employee Guidance solution
Alight Employee Benefits Guidance for every kind of enrollment

Employee Benefits Guidance for every kind of enrollment

Whether you’re gearing up for open enrollment, new hire onboarding or an acquisition or divestiture, our benefits decision support solutions provide employees with personalized assistance throughout the enrollment process.

Alight Voluntary benefits guidance

Voluntary benefits guidance

We partner with clients, consultants and carriers to come up with plan selection and delivery strategies that help your employees get the most out of their personal voluntary benefits.

More of what’s possible with Employee Guidance

We give your people the extra help to get the employee benefits answers they need at the times they need it most.

Alight Benefits Guidance

Educate your people and assist them with plan selection and enrollment through personalized, one-on-one support from our benefits counselors.


  • Annual enrollment campaigns
  • Formal new hire orientation
  • Solutions customized to your needs
Alight Employee Benefits Guidance

Improve your employees’ wellbeing, drive engagement, manage costs and empower better decisions by putting the right message in front of them at the right time so they can take the right action.


  • Provide information driven by data analytics and AI
  • Consider each employee’s unique circumstances through omnichannel messages
  • Help every employee make smarter decisions
Alight Employee Benefits Guidance Hyper-personalization

Digital experiences help your people understand their options and make better benefits choices for themselves and their families.


  • Simplify the process with guided enrollment experiences
  • Educate employees with videos, cost/expense modelers and interactive learning tools
Alight Employee Benefits Guidance Decision support

Use our digital multi-event space to connect with your people — and their families — where they are, when it’s convenient.


  • Give employees on-demand access to presentations, tools, support materials and participating vendors or carriers
  • Industry-leading content and omnichannel communications drive attendance and engage employees
  • Connect with employees at an annual benefits fair or plan a series of events to rally sales, champion diversity or inspire wellness — the choice is yours
Alight Employee Benefits Guidance Virtual Employee Events

Customer story

Modernizing the benefits administration experience for Toyota Boshoku America

Alight has worked in partnership with Toyota Boshoku America since 2013 to swiftly & effectively launch a new benefits administration platform, revamp the enrollment process through a team of benefits counselors and realize huge savings through improved dependent verification processes.

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