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Alight Defined Benefit solutions

Defined Benefit

Give your people the confidence to retire

Make pension planning simple for everyone.

What a relief

Pension planning doesn’t need to be complicated. What you do need is a pension plan administrator to provide strong support services, deep expertise and a modern employee experience.

Here’s the Challenge

Pensions can be hard to navigate

When it comes to figuring out pensions, both employees and employers are often left scratching their heads. Your people want the freedom to make the right savings decisions for themselves and their families. At the same time, you’re striving to meet their expectations while juggling complex requirements.

Here’s how we solve it

Upgrade the pension experience

You need a sophisticated pension plan administrator to help streamline how people access and manage their plan. And ongoing strategic support couldn’t hurt.

A pension experience that’s actually helpful

Our goal is to help your people fully understand their options. That’s why we make sure essential plan information is easy to manage, access and navigate. For even more support, we offer self-service options, education and access to experts who are always ready to help.

We’re leading the way

Economies and workforces change, but we’re always prepared. We focus on being flexible and finding creative solutions, an approach that has worked for over 40 years as we’ve served some of the largest and most complex defined benefit plans.

Full support, when and where you need it

Pensions are risky because they require a lot of moving parts and  specialized expertise. That’s where we come in. With a full spectrum of strategy and support, we work hard to ensure your plan is successfully executed, managed and delivered to a diverse workforce.

See more of what’s possible with our Defined Benefit solution

For employers

We keep your defined benefit plan running smoothly with complete strategy and support, including digital tools, insights and guidance.


  • Track plans and reporting on the plan sponsor portal
  • Support a full range of transactions 
  • Stay current with compliance, regulations and stewardship
  • Manage third-party interactions
  • Customize and automate calculations
  • Support pension de-risking with help on a full scope of project management tactics
  • Data security for your human capital
Alight Defined Benefit solution for employers

Your people don’t have to manage their plan on their own. As their pension plan administrator, we have tools and information at the ready to help them make decisions and educate them about their plans. They can also take advantage of plan reporting, benefit calculation and retirement income estimating and modeling.


  • Track retirement and set appointments virtually on one portal 
  • Estimate retirement expenses and income with proprietary projections tool  
  • Receive live support from trained, friendly customer service representatives  
  • Get answers to questions in all phases of retirement via Service Center
Alight Defined Benefit solution for employees

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