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Treat your people as your most important asset

When you take care of your people with opportunities to grow and progress, they’ll take care of your organization.

Enhance your employee experience

Between keeping up with compliance changes, resourcing HR across the organization and day-to-day administration, there’s a lot on your team’s plate. Even when you have the most modern technology in place, your team may not have capacity to manage it. If you had help administering your HR and taking care of your employees’ most pressing needs, you’d be able to focus on the ultimate goal: delivering the best experience to employees to help them grow from within your organization.   

of CHROs are rethinking the HR function 
of CHROs are not meeting their CEOs expectation of being a key player in enterprise strategy 

Your employees expect a modern HR experience

Your employees are your organization’s biggest asset. It’s critical to have an HR service that addresses their needs with the same personalized, user-friendly experience that comes with the consumer tech they are familiar with across all the different stages of their life and career.  

Having a partner to take care of your people and their needs, in often life-changing situations, shows them that you’re committed to their work, life and wellbeing.  

Find a partner that helps put people first

HR can be a transformational experience for you and your employees. To get there, you need a partner who not only responds to the needs of a diverse workforce, but gives you a helping hand in everything from tech enablement to workforce administration.   

Unlock the potential of your workforce

We support your customer care operations, simplify time-consuming workforce administration and help manage and upkeep your HR data to bring a seamless experience for your employees.

Care that’s a call away

Our call centers, chat services and self-service request platforms help your people on their preferred channels in the languages they speak. 

Say hello to admin help

HR made simple. We act as one with your team to manage and administer processes, so you can focus on bigger, more strategic projects for your business leadership. 

Stronger insights to act on

We help collect, store and analyze your HR data on an ongoing basis, providing you with insights and areas of optimization and process improvement. 

Our workforce solutions

Make your organization a place where people want to work. We administer, streamline and optimize your HR technology with integrated workforce solutions that offer customer care, HR services, talent services and data quality management (DQM). With the right tools ready, you can support your employees through anything, and in turn, take your organization to the next level.

HR Services

Our co-managed and fully-managed services undertake your HR team’s time-consuming admin tasks, enabling you to focus on delivering value for your people. 


  • Platform ease-of-use for HR managers and employees alike 
  • Hands on consultancy and support as an extension of your team 
  • Visibility over workforce information and company analytics, including real-time data

Our talent services help you to identify, grow and recognize your top talent while supporting the onboarding process for new employees. The result is a skilled, well-trained workforce that performs. 


  • Optimize performance and compensation cycle
  • Support recruitment application through onboarding activities
  • Identify skills gaps and how to fill them
  • Increase competencies with learning enrollment

We work with the biggest players in workforce technology as accredited partners

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