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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Winning with Wellbeing - What employees really think

Since the pandemic, our understanding of work has changed, with wellbeing at the forefront of sustaining a robust and dedicated workforce. Adopting a focused employee wellbeing strategy fortifies retention and employee satisfaction.

Key takeaways from Alight’s Winning with Wellbeing report:

  • A striking 75% of employees with perceived strong wellbeing express a commitment to their current employer over the next year, highlighting the powerful link between wellbeing and retention.
  • Trust in employers marks a critical factor for employee retention, with 88% of highly trusting employees planning to stay with their employer.
  • There’s a disparity in wellbeing communication effectiveness across income levels, indicating a need for personalized communication strategies.

This year's insights illuminate the vital role of wellbeing in employee retention, underscoring the importance of trust and effective communication in nurturing a supportive work environment.

 Highlights include:

  •  The significant impact of wellbeing on employee retention and the necessity for employers to prioritize wellbeing initiatives.
  • The pivotal role of trust in sustaining employee loyalty, with a call for employers to enhance support and resources.
  • The need for more inclusive and accessible wellbeing communications to reach diverse employee demographics.

Dive into the full report for a comprehensive exploration of how wellbeing shapes the future of work.

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