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Reigniting employee wellbeing moments through AI-driven platforms

Employees are prioritizing wellbeing, but they need help from their employers. An AI-driven platform is key to empowering them to succeed.

Delivering a stellar employee experience is paramount to cultivating a high-performing workforce. However, the ongoing wellbeing crisis is making it difficult for workers to achieve a healthy mind, body, wallet and life. More than ever, people expect their employers to provide tools, resources and guidance to help improve their wellbeing. Employers have ramped up wellbeing investments, but employees often fail to understand what is available to them and engage with available programs. 

Alight’s white paper, Calming the crisis: reigniting wellbeing momentum through AI-driven platforms, explores how removing barriers to using wellbeing programs by investing in the right technology will help employers foster an environment where employees are inspired to do their best, where they feel connected to the purpose and values of the organization and where they appreciate the company’s investment to help them attain optimal wellbeing.

With employers expanding their offerings, why are so many employees feeling decidedly negative about the wellbeing investment being made in them? Their reasons center around three primary themes: lack of relevancy, complicated programs that are difficult to understand and not having time to engage with their employer’s offerings.i

Reasons for not participating in wellbeing programs

The programs/activities are not relevant to me
Don’t have enough time
I don’t understand how the programs work
Too complicated
Difficult to access online, navigation challenges, or other technology issues
I’ve participated before, but did not see an impact or did not meet expectations
Inconvenient location or difficulty accessing facilities

Source: 2023 Alight International Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study

If they don’t understand what’s available to them, how to use it or how it can improve their life, it’s no wonder employees feel like they don’t have the power to advance their wellbeing. 

Increasingly, organizations are tapping into powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver highly visible, personalized employee experience programs and wellbeing support through the employee’s preferred vehicles. 

Through automated decision support and recommendation engines, AI drives employee utilization and engagement with their wellbeing benefits, nudging them toward the best and most cost-effective outcomes. 

AI doesn’t merely direct people to the lowest-cost option, however. Through a combination of high-tech and high-touch, AI-driven employee experience platforms like Alight Worklife® give employees access to valuable information, while an experienced care team of certified nurses, clinicians, financial planners and others provide the human touch that is so necessary, especially when someone is in crisis. 

This empowers employees to take control of the situation and supports them through complex decisions that directly impact their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Nearly 85% of employees who receive personalized health and wellness communications consider them valuable.ii

Technology is a powerful enabler for personalizing communication, removing barriers and boosting utilization of wellbeing programs. AI-driven platforms deliver personalized nudges and guide employees in the moments that matter – big and small – so they can make the best use of their wellbeing benefits. The result is a healthier, happier, more engaged and productive workforce – and a stronger, more resilient bottom line.  

The evidence is clear. Healthy, happy employees are more productive, engaged and loyal. This translates into a happier, healthier, more profitable organization. Reigniting wellbeing momentum and realizing ROI hinges on removing barriers to using programs, communicating authentically and providing crucial guidance in the moments that matter.

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