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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024

Communication, engagement and the employee experience



Employers have started seeking solutions to improve the overall employee experience as they’ve come to recognize the significant role it plays in driving higher performance. Research from Alight shows that there is a direct connection between employee communication and engagement which only further serves the strength of the connection between engagement and the employee experience.

The employee experience is critical

Most of us spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. And when our overall employee experience isn’t optimized, it directly impacts our engagement, which in turn impacts our productivity levels and, more importantly, our overall wellbeing.

Alight research shows that employees who have a great overall experience are twice as likely to say they are fully productive at work (96% vs. 40%), more likely to be engaged, and are more likely to recommend their employer to others. This is crucial as employers constantly look for ways to attract and retain top talent; the opinions of their employees play more than just a minor role in how well they can recruit prospective workers in the future.

Effective employee communication is expected

Data from Alight also indicates that open, honest communication from an employer is critical. Not only is effective communication a top expectation (as opposed to a potential differentiator), it also has strong ties to employees’ overall experience and engagement levels. Employees who feel their employer is open and honest are 12 times more likely to be engaged, and 10 times more likely to say they are having a truly great experience—tough numbers to ignore.

While the significance of effective communication has increased, the number of employees who have a negative or declining perception of current levels of communication with their employers still indicates a problem. Providing open and honest communication is a crucial step in building a truly great employee experience and to reinforce desired culture as well as clear connection to purpose. But many organizations still struggle to execute an effective communication strategy consistently to produce high marks from employees. 

Differentiate your experience

Along with communication tactics, what people expect and want from their employers has also changed over the years. Things like work/life balance, accountability, trust and honesty have trumped the traditional characteristics related to recognition, respect, loyalty and teamwork. What correlates to a desired employee experience continues to shift as the nature of the workplace changes, whether it be from new technology applications, work-life balance needs or gig-economy influences. It’s a pivotal time for employers to ensure they are staying ahead of the curve with employee experience strategies and optimization before breakdowns begin to surface. This includes looking at the micro-experiences along the employment journey from recruiting to retirement.

Ask the tough questions and take action

When it comes down to it, even with everything employers are investing in to boost employee engagement, it still may not be hitting the mark. Can your organization afford that? To maximize your employee experience investments, don’t minimize analysis. Now’s the time to answer the hard questions using all of the resources available—and gather more data for the questions you can’t answer.

For the latest information on how the employee experience is transforming—and how you can keep up—download our newest Workforce Mindset® Study for data and insights on how to effectively improve productivity and performance.

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