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Employee Communications

Keep your people engaged and involved

Sure, you want your employee communications to educate and inform. But an effective communications strategy takes it a step further by actually shifting perception and driving behavior.

Meet them where they are

Your organization’s objectives and employees are unique, so we create a communications strategy designed specifically for your (and their) needs. 
Whether you’re launching a new benefit or program, addressing specific business challenges or driving enrollment and engagement, we can design, produce and deploy omnichannel communications that will reach your people right where they are. 

Know your people

We’ll work with you to truly understand the views, wants and needs of your people so we can engage with them collectively and individually, no matter where they are in life or their career.  
Once we have this crucial insight, our team of creative strategists will design an employee communications plan that reflects your brand values with a focus on physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing. That’s how you drive a culture of wellness from the top down, and bottom up. 

More of what’s possible with Employee Communications

From annual enrollment to everyday wellbeing, we help you increase engagement in areas where we know it tends to lag.

Benefits Engagement

Keep employees engaged and using their benefits during open enrollment and beyond. 


  • Educate employees about their benefits options with personalized tools and resources
  • Drive enrollment with action-oriented messaging and creative design
  • Encourage your people to take advantage of their benefits year-round through omnichannel communications
  • Successfully implement new programs and platforms or navigate critical changes or transitions

Actively engage your people in their holistic wellbeing. 


  • Connect employees with resources to manage and improve their health, wealth, career and life
  • Personalized, segmented communications will help employees find the right resource at the right time

Increase understanding, build appreciation and drive engagement in your total rewards program year-round. 


  • Offer a holistic experience with a print statement to ignite your total rewards launch and a digital experience to encourage continued engagement
  • Use data visualization tools to increase understanding, build appreciation and create value
  • Increase retention, engagement and usage with data-driven benefit and program promotions that are specific to each employee
  • Provide a global digital solution to connect employees worldwide with expertise at the local level

Build employee engagement and enhance your overall experience. 


  • Reinforce your corporate culture and reconnect employees with your purpose
  • Empower your people with the information and insights they need
  • Meet emergent needs and critical issues with just-in-time communication and engagement support

Customer story

Increasing 401(k) enrollment through communications strategy at White Castle

White Castle’s #FeedYourFuture campaign mixed an exciting new recipe for success: human insights, creative strategy and meaningful interactions. Starting with stakeholder and population analysis, Alight partnered with White Castle to educate team members and increase enrollment in 401(k)s.

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