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Customer success story: Ledesma

Ledsema at a glance

  • Industry: Agro-industrial
  • Founded: 1908
  • Headquarters: Libertador General San Martín, department of Ledesma, Jujuy
  • Employees: 7,000+

How an investment in people and technology took employee engagement and enterprise growth in exciting new directions.

An innovator seeking transformation

Ledesma is an agro-industrial Argentinian company leading the way in national sugar and paper markets and a main producer and exporter of fruits, meats and cereals. But their dedication to high quality goes beyond products. A focus on preserving surrounding ecosystems and a commitment to people and communities, make Ledesma a true innovator.

With a storied history and a long-term vision, the company constantly invests in their employees and technology and strives to add value through the integration of its processes and activities. As part of a next-level cultural transformation, Ledesma set out on a path to technological renewal to automate its talent management processes and improve the employee experience.

They chose Alight Solutions and SAP SuccessFactors to lead the transformation.


Talent management modified

SuccessFactors is SAP’s cloud-based suite of talent management solutions. Partnering with Alight to implement the Performance and Goals module, Ledesma sought to radically change performance management and combine it with a powerful tool that provided a user-friendly experience for a large employee population.

At the top of the list of must-haves: Agility, intuition, connectivity and communication — all without the need for complex training.


The old system included established objectives and competencies, but functionality was limited. Existing processes, including headcount and payroll, needed to talk to the new solution to prevent the need for ongoing manual updates.

Together, Ledesma and Alight made it all happen.

Taking employee engagement in new directions

Implementation was a huge success and the solution was immediately well-received by employees. With hard work and the support of leadership, the enhancement became an integral part of daily routines. Performance feedback for all employees is now a reality, and it happened within the first year. The quality of objectives and feedback has gone up. And the entire process has been made easier.

The solution has worked so well, they gave it a name — “North.” It’s a compass, pointing the company and its people in the direction of their goals. Today, 100% of employees covered by the process have their objectives in place, are evaluated in a timely manner, and receive valuable feedback. That’s success at work.

FastTrack to results

Alight's FastTrack methodology delivered on the promise of shortening product implementation times. Ledesma was at the front end of an important cultural transformation, with immediate talent management requirements. They needed the solution to get in and get to work right away. And it did.

By utilizing preconfigured models and adopting best practices, Ledesma was able to make change happen, quickly. And knowing they have the option to adjust processes as their needs change and employees have matured in the system, gave them peace of mind to move forward with confidence.

The implementation with Alight was super successful. We gave the tool a name: "North.” It’s become a compass, helping us manage by objectives with a focus on managing goals. The results were very good. Today 100% of the people covered by the process have their objectives, are evaluated and receive feedback. We had to work a lot, and we keep doing it, but the tool really made the process easier.

María Eugenia Bruzzone, Talent and Internal Communications Manager

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