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Customer success story: Siemens

Siemens, a multinational industrial engineering company, wanted to provide employees with a seamless transition to better benefit plans and prioritize its people as much as possible. They needed a way to offer employees expert guidance and direction to help them make educated, informed decisions when choosing the best benefits options to suit their needs.

About Siemens

  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Founded: 1847
  • 60,000 U.S. based employees (385,000 worldwide)

The problem

Eliminating the PPO health plan option from Siemens’ benefits offerings required thousands of U.S.-based employees to switch plans. Siemens wanted to ensure its employees understood the value of the plans, chose the plans that best suited their needs and recognized what each one had to offer once they became a participant. Additionally, Siemens wanted employees to understand the value of participating in an HSA or HRA to mitigate risks and plan costs.

It was clear many employees were unsure how to make changes to their current plans or did not feel confident about choosing alternatives. Siemens needed a way to guide employees to those plan options that better aligned with their situations and personal needs.

A long-term partnership

Siemens has partnered with Alight over 20 years, relying on their expertise and people-centric solutions to provide benefits administration for their people. Therefore, when it came down to selecting a partner to provide benefits counseling to employees, Alight was the clear, trusted choice.

Alight Benefits Guidance (ABG) was implemented to offer Siemens employees one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed professional to provide benefits recommendations and guidance based on their needs. Whether in-person or over the phone, licensed counselors were there to provide benefits advice to any employee seeking help, offering a unique, personalized experience by taking financial concerns, health conditions, life stages and other situations into consideration.


Once employees were able to book appointments with counselors, the results were clear. Thousands of appointments were made by Siemens employees to meet with a licensed counselor to discuss benefits offerings. Employees felt the counseling sessions helped them to better understand their benefits packages and allowed them to fully utilize the value of their offerings. With the added support of ABG, employees gained confidence in their choices and were able to make educated, more informed benefits decisions, leading to better outcomes, and ultimately, a better employee experience.

Realizing measurable outcomes for Siemens


said it was it easy to schedule an appointment with the counselor


said the counselor provided good advice and left the session better educated about their benefits


said they have a better understanding of the HSA and HRA plans including HSA and HRA contributions made by Siemens

Success worth sharing

The benefits of implementing ABG solutions for Siemens employees became apparent quite quickly. Many employees provided direct feedback on their counselor or the sessions they participated in, clearly indicating how helpful they found them to be or complimenting the counseling service as a whole. Out of the Siemens employees surveyed regarding their ABG experience, nearly 50% of feedback verbatims ended in “thank you.”

“I was very scared about the HRA and HSA plans, so I scheduled on appointment and I had the most delightful person; his name was Rob. He answered every question I had, and the call was fun. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated that. Thank you so much.”


“Marnie did a wonderful job in explaining the benefits to me. We went into the session thinking we were going to select one plan and we switched our mind because she gave such wonderful information in helping us to compare better. She did a great job.”


“I’ve been with Siemens for years and this is the first time I reached out to an enrollment specialist, Erick Sullivan. I don’t even know if I had this opportunity before, but it was very helpful, and I very much appreciate it. Erick was very knowledgeable, thank you.”


Implementing Alight Benefits Guidance for Siemens employees had a noteworthy impact on improving overall benefits understanding and utilization.

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