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Customer Success Story: Curtiss-Wright

How a single, integrated benefits platform increased benefits utilization and employee satisfaction

Curtiss-Wright’s partnership with Alight started with core health and wealth benefits administration services—enrollment, call center support and other ancillary services. With the need to communicate to and engage their dispersed workforce with their benefits, Curtiss-Wright turned to Alight to update their benefits administration platform and implement Healthcare Navigation.

About Curtiss-Wright

  • Defense and industrial manufacturer
  • Founded: 1929
  • Headquarters: Davidson, NC
  • Global employee population: 9,000+ worldwide
  • U.S. employee population: 5,200

The problem: communicating benefits to a dispersed population—and getting them to use those benefits

Curtiss-Wright’s U.S.-based workforce was dispersed throughout 95 locations across 25 different states, typically in small offices with limited computer access and no direct line of sight from an HR perspective. This made it challenging for the organization to effectively communicate their comprehensive benefits package to their widely-spread employee population.

Curtiss-Wright also struggled to offer a comprehensive benefits package that encompassed holistic employee wellbeing support—whether it be from an emotional, financial or physical perspective—while simultaneously appealing to prospective talent. To improve this, they expanded their mix of benefits providers to include specialty vendors of all sorts of services. However, this change confused and overwhelmed employees when it came to remembering how and where to access each program, let alone recognize which ones were pertinent to them.

Finding ways to utilize the technologies and the benefit providers and programs that we have to reach out to all of our employees can sometimes be challenging.

Jared Lewis
Senior Manager of Global Benefits

The solution: a single, integrated benefits offering

Curtiss-Wright turned to Alight’s UPoint® platform and Healthcare Navigation solution for help with packaging their comprehensive benefits, reaching employees with targeted, personalized messages and improving the overall benefits experience for their employees. Whether it was retirement, financial education or navigation services, Curtiss-Wright employees could now directly access all of their offerings and resources through a single benefits portal.

Connected, convenient communications

Getting the right information at the right time is critical when it comes to increasing benefits engagement and utilization. And just as no two people are the same, not every employee prefers to be reached through the same channel. Alight’s flexible platform enables employees to access the Alight UPoint portal however and whenever they like, whether it be at home or at work, and from multiple devices. Curtiss-Wright’s benefits team is able to communicate to employees via various channels, whether it be the UPoint portal, mobile applications, email, text and direct mail.

They have pulled together the right technology to make people's life simple. They have given us flexibility to change the tiles, to change some of the messaging, to make the users' experience better every time they go.

Chris McMahon
Head of Compensation and Benefits

Optimizing the employee benefits experience

Alight helped Curtiss-Wright establish their benefits offerings in an organized, intuitive way to simplify the experience for employees. Currently, all of Curtiss-Wright’s benefits are integrated in the Alight-powered benefits portal, UPoint®, including benefits offered by third-party vendors. With everything in one place, employees can easily access everything from one portal, including real-time information on their healthcare, retirement and compensation benefits—simultaneously.

As part of Alight’s navigation services, Curtiss-Wright employees also have direct assistance with finding an affordable, high-quality doctor or speaking with an Alight Health Pro®. These Health Pros help employees with tasks like resolving claims issues, answering coverage questions and finding care for family members.

To learn more about how Alight helped Curtiss-Wright solve the challenge of getting their people to engage with and use their benefits, watch the full video.

Impactful results: Employee engagement and satisfaction

Results post-implementation have been transformational. Not only did employees log in to the portal, but they returned to the portal, visited more than one page, and learned about benefits they didn’t know existed—like discounts and voluntary benefits.

In less than 3 months, over 2,100 employees (over 40% of Curtiss-Wright’s U.S. population) accessed the UPoint portal, illustrating high benefits engagement.






of Curtiss-Wright's U.S. population

The feedback we've gotten from employees on the portal has been overwhelmingly positive. We had one of our employees from one of our sites who had used the health pro service reach out to us just to tell us how impressed they were with…how quickly and how completely they were able to have their issue resolved.

Jared Lewis
Senior Manager of Global Benefits

Continuing the partnership

Curtiss-Wright’s next project with Alight is launching an emotional wellbeing campaign, consisting of tailored messaging on UPoint to educate employees on how to best take care of their mental health. A successful campaign will result in employees recognizing that their emotional health is important while removing the stigma from addressing mental health needs.

Alight has been a partner before and we view them as really a partner, not a vendor. They are an organization that has been willing to work with us, to grow with us and to really sit down and hear what our problems are and provide solutions for us.

Chris McMahon
Head of Compensation and Benefits

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