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Uncovering challenges in healthcare navigation


Healthcare navigation can overwhelm even the most informed individuals. Our research shows that nearly half of people are guessing, not choosing, their benefits, and considering the growing complexity of systems and coverage, this number could climb even higher.

Simplifying healthcare navigation

From our polls, 47 percent of employees expressed being overwhelmed by navigating out-of-pocket costs, and 28 percent are unsure about their mental health coverage specifics. The demand for clarity and support in healthcare decisions is louder than ever.

Demystifying healthcare costs and coverage

Clear, comprehensible information about out-of-pocket costs, coverage limits and eligibility criteria is essential. Healthcare navigation clarity helps alleviate the anxiety that employees face when making important medical decisions.

Enhancing understanding through user-friendly tools 

There’s increasing employee demand for user-friendly digital tools that offer straightforward, easily accessible information about healthcare options. The tools and platforms that offer this level of accessibility also provide real-time updates, detailed explanations of benefits and direct comparisons between different health plans, empowering employees to make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

Reducing uncertainty and fear 

By providing clear healthcare guidance and reliable advice, digital healthcare navigation tools and services transform stressful processes into manageable tasks. This not only improves the overall employee experience but also contributes to better health outcomes, as individuals are more likely to engage with and utilize their healthcare benefits correctly and effectively.

A commitment to ongoing support and education 

The journey to simplified healthcare navigation is ongoing. It requires a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to new challenges, as healthcare laws and insurance landscapes evolve. Educating employees about these changes and how they impact their choices remains a priority.

Alight simplifies the complexity of healthcare navigation with clear user-friendly interfaces, tools and supportive advisory services. We reduce the fog around healthcare costs and benefits, and our personalized support acts as a navigator, guiding employees to optimal health solutions without the stress of uncertainty or the fear of hidden costs.

Healthcare shouldn't be a gamble. Every employee should be able to confidently navigate their benefit options to make the best health decisions possible. After all, health is non-negotiable. 

The insights from our research in our “Uncovering Challenges” series are the voices of an evolving workforce and a dynamic HR landscape. We are committed to listening, understanding and innovating to meet these challenges. 

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