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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024
Medical professional having a virtual meeting at his desk.

Expert Medical Opinion

Consult the nation’s top specialists

We help your people access expert physicians when they face a new or complex diagnosis.

A second opinion can make the difference

When someone is facing a new, complex or life-changing diagnosis, they’ll have many questions. While providers want to give their patients the best possible care, medical knowledge is expanding so rapidly that it now doubles every few months. This makes it increasingly difficult for many to stay current on the latest research and best practices. 

We help participants connect to the nation’s top specialists for virtual expert medical opinions. Using live video and written reports, they can ask questions about their diagnosis and treatment options from anywhere they are.

Here’s the challenge

Misdiagnoses and suboptimal treatment plans are prevalent

1 in 5 patients with a serious condition will be misdiagnosed. Many more will receive treatment options that are behind on best practices. The rapid pace at which medical knowledge is evolving means few can keep up.

Here’s how we solve it

Virtual consultations with top specialists

Your employees need an easy way to access the latest medical knowledge for their specific conditions. Alight has relationships with the nation’s leading physicians and institutions, which are available to educate your people, weigh in on their options and help improve quality and outcomes.
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Access the brightest minds in medicine

Alight has recruited over 2,000 expert physicians and formed direct partnerships with top-ranked hospitals to support both adult and pediatric needs. Participants can access guidance for any condition, including rare diseases. Consultations can take place over live video or by written report. In each scenario, the participant receives a case summary that includes all their questions and the physician’s responses, plus any recommended resources or links.

Two medical professionals having a conversation over a video call

Multidisciplinary consults for complex cases

Alight has award-winning technology that facilitates multidisciplinary physician collaboration. For participants with complex cases—most often related to cancer and musculoskeletal conditions— two or more expert physicians are able to work together to answer to questions and render an opinion concurrently. This advanced capability is unique to Alight and our clinical operations.

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Support for underserved populations

Alight is dedicated to helping grow each participant’s health literacy. That’s why we include the option to translate the expert opinion into any language as part of our services. When participants can read and hear the physician’s expertise in their native language, we believe they’re better able to advocate for themselves and participate in their own care.

A medical professional explains a chart to their patient in an exam room

Recommendations for in-person treatment

Alight’s Medical Ally team is there to support your people before, during and after the consultation is rendered. A dedicated nurse helps guide the top questions to ask the expert physician, reviews the opinion and plans next steps. Each participant can also receive personalized provider recommendations for in-person treatment using our proprietary provider quality and cost transparency tool, SmartSelect MD. The recommendations can also be curated based on a person’s unique needs and goals.

the average amount saved per expert opinion
experience a change in treatment plan as a result of their expert opinion
experience a change in diagnosis as a result of their expert opinion

Alight has been recognized by the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for innovations in expert medical opinions and technology.

Medical professionals walking down a hospital hallway while engaging in conversation
Medical professionals walking down a hospital hallway while engaging in conversation

Who is providing expert medical opinion services?

Alight has built one of the most elite teams of expert physicians in the nation. Many are considered world-renowned leaders in their fields and are on the forefronts of research, treatment and development of clinical trials. In selecting physicians to be part of this group, Alight looks at a number of factors, including: 

  • Publications and research
  • Education and fellowships
  • Years of experience
  • Institution ranking
  • Peer recommendations

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