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Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024
Medical professional having a virtual meeting at his desk.

Alight Clinical Guidance

Everyone needs a Medical Ally on their side

Alight’s physicians, nurses and researchers are here to help in the moments that matter most.

Compassionate, unbiased clinical guidance for any condition

Your people want a trusted place to go for personalized support when faced with mental or physical health challenges or surgery. We provide that support by immediately connecting people with deep clinical expertise and an advocate that can specifically address their needs in the moments that matter.

Here’s the challenge

Too many people regret healthcare decisions

One in every two people recently surveyed shared regrets about a healthcare decision. Poor care, misguided advice, not knowing the right questions to ask and settling for one medical opinion were some of the reasons cited.

Here’s how we solve it

Clinical experts that help people get the right care

Alight’s Medical Ally team of physicians, nurses and researchers provides your employees and their families with compassionate healthcare support when they have questions or concerns that require immediate, evidence-based guidance and clinical expertise.

What Clinical Guidance includes

Alight’s Medical Ally team, coupled with Alight’s LumenAI technology, engages your people with personalized guidance, helping them find better care and make more confident healthcare decisions.

  • Medical decision support
  • Expert Medical Opinion
  • SmartSelect MD
  • Surgery decision support
  • Behavioral Health Guidance
  • Cancer Guidance

Evidence-based medical decision support

Help your people avoid regrets around healthcare decisions. Live and digital support for any condition is only a call or tap away in Alight Worklife. Each participant and caregiver can access unlimited, dedicated support from our Medical Ally team. 

Award-winning expert medical opinions

Alight has formed relationships with over 2,000 expert physicians and top-ranked institutions to provide virtual second opinions for those facing a new or life-changing diagnosis. Available by live video or written report, consults can also be translated into any language for a variety of populations. 

Patented technology to find high-quality, in-network providers

It’s possible for your people to find high-quality, cost-effective providers in their network using SmartSelect MD, Alight’s proprietary provider search engine. Using rich market data and powerful algorithms, SmartSelect MD identifies the providers with the most experience in successfully treating conditions specific to each employee.


experience a change in treatment plan as a result of their expert opinion


experience a change in diagnosis as a result of their expert opinion


added or changed providers when receiving behavioral health support


received coping and emotional support when dealing with a condition or illness

Compassionate, expert guidance for cancer

With new cancer treatments evolving quickly, your people need a trusted partner that can connect them to experts in their type and stage of cancer. Our dedicated, multidisciplinary oncology team stays with participants and their caregivers each step of the way, providing medical and treatment-decision support to positively impact outcomes.

Workforce mental health support

Remove barriers to mental health support for your people. Alight’s Behavioral Health Ally team of multidisciplinary clinicians can review health histories, previous diagnoses, current medications, and can even screen for anxiety and depression. We provide information on available treatment options and help connect your people with providers and programs that match their needs. 

Surgery decision support for elective procedures

Help employees avoid inappropriate elective surgeries. These common high-variation, high-cost procedures may have more conservative treatment options available, and Alight's Medical Ally team can provide the education, decision support and connections to expert opinions your people need. To drive program engagement, a $400 incentive can also be offered.

average savings per case
from avoided surgery
avoid surgery when receiving surgery decision support
17.5 Days
of reduction in lost workdays due to less invasive care

88% of participants improved their health outcomes with Clinical Guidance.

Let our experts help you navigate healthcare

For employees

The Medical Ally team has over 25 years of experience guiding participants and helping them receive the best possible care. 


  • Changing to a best-practices treatment
  • Minimizing side effects
  • Avoiding a treatment
  • Correcting a diagnosis
  • Seeking a second opinion
  • Adding a specialist or changing to a higher quality provider
  • Changing hospitals or facilities

The Medical Ally team has over 25 years of experience guiding participants and helping them receive the best possible care.


  • Containing healthcare costs
  • Keeping your people healthy and productive
  • Reducing stress and improving workforce mental health
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Delivering on a great employee experience

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